Old Towns from The Wild Update have a good variety of loot so far

Old Towns from The Wild Update have a good variety of loot so far

As exciting as the swamp changes coming together Minecraft In the Wild Update, the new Deep Dark biome really looks set to steal the show. It’s not every day that Minecraft you get a whole new biome, especially one that’s only found underground, but Deep Dark seems like a worthy addition. This spooky new region will pit players against the nearly unstoppable Warden in a test of stealth while providing Redstone fans with exciting new Sculk blocks that interact with vibrations in special ways. Besides, Minecraft players who dig deep enough can find creepy ancient cities made up of deep slate and filled with hidden items.


When Mojang first announced the Deep Dark biome and its ancient cities, it didn’t reveal the types of items players would find there. Instead, he focused on emphasizing the challenge of the Guardian and the atmosphere of the cities. For a time, it was not clear what Minecraft players would really get off the trek to an ancient city, but now it’s clear that Mojang has a good variety of loot in mind. Some of the city-exclusive items are very practical, while others add a lot to the spooky aesthetic of the biome. Taken together, the ancient cities certainly seem worth the player’s time.

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Minecraft loot in ancient cities

Minecraft deep dark city treasure

Minecraft players who discover ancient cities can pick up many niche but useful items when they do so. Sculk sensors, which emit redstone signals when they detect vibrations, are obviously valuable to redstone fans. Chests in the ancient city also have iron meshes with a unique enchantment: Swift Sneak, which increases the player’s movement speed while sneaking. Swift Sneak seems extremely useful for getting around the Warden while he’s exploring Deep Dark. Players can also find Echo Shards, which can be turned into a recovery compass that pinpoints the location where the player recently died, helping fans recover their lost gear.

Old cities also have some elements that just add some personality. Music lover Minecraft fans may remember that Mojang added a new music disc called Otherside in 1.18 Minecraft upgrade, but the disk has a very low spawn rate and can only be found in strongholds and dungeons. Fortunately, Otherside will also appear in old towns, and in slightly higher numbers than elsewhere. Ancient cities also feature a new exclusive item called Disc Fragments. Players who collect nine of these shards can turn them into a new Music Disc called 5. Music Discs may not be particularly utilitarian items, but they are fun. Minecraft collectibles that give music enthusiasts a good reason to seek out Deep Dark biomes.

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Reward Minecraft players for their efforts

A Guardian advancing on a Minecraft player in a narrow cavern

It’s good to see that so many special items can be found in ancient cities. The cities themselves are certainly impressive to look at, but if the only valuable loot they offered was in the form of diamonds and enchanted books, then Minecraft Players would be better off searching for abandoned mineshafts and other common structures, rather than going to the trouble of sneaking past deadly guardians in search of treasure. Thanks to all the exclusive loot found in ancient cities and the Deep Dark biome, fans get material rewards for exploring this new setting.

Since there is no release date yet for the wild update, a lot could still change in the old cities. Mojang could cancel some of their exclusive loot or create entirely different items to add to loot tables. For the time being, though, it looks like the ancient cities are headed in a solid direction. They are not only aesthetically pleasing additions to Minecraft, but their special mechanical characteristics make them valuable to survivalists who crave treasure. Ancient cities may be one of the strongest features of the Wild Update.

Minecraft It is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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