Fortnite May Add Spider-Man Web Shooters With Miles Morales, Leak Says

Fortnite May Add Spider-Man Web Shooters With Miles Morales, Leak Says

Leaks claiming that Miles Morales could be coming to Fortnite have been on the rise, and now leaker HYPEX is suggesting that web shooters could return as well.

Fortnite could be bringing web-shooters along with a new Miles Morales skin, according to a recent leak. This leak follows one from earlier this week that alleged that Miles Morales would be coming to Fortnitejoining other Spider-Man characters like Peter Parker and Mary Jane.

New and seasonal content is a core part of the Fortnite experience. The live service Battle Royale title is known for regularly releasing new features, gameplay mechanics, and locations. However, perhaps the most common new arrivals come in the form of new skins and cosmetics, which will sometimes be accompanied by mythic items, which can be picked up mid-game for special abilities. When Spider-Man was added to Fortnite at the start of Chapter 3, he was joined by his mythical web-shooters which, when picked up, allowed players to move around the map as the famous web head. These web shooters were removed from the game once Chapter 3 Season 2 arrived, despite many players liking them as they provided gameplay enhancements, particularly during the late game. Fortnite matches.


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While many players were disappointed by this removal, it is possible that they will return, according to a recent tweet from prolific Fortnite filter HIPEX (via charlie intel). HYPEX’s tweet states that Spider-Man Mythic was updated on April 19 and that the way the camera works has been changed. Because Spider-Man’s Mythic is the webshooter’s pick, which naturally has a huge impact on how the camera works in-game, HYPEX suggests that webshooters are likely to return at some point. Like outlets like charlie intel Point out that this leak coming amid rumors of a Miles Morales skin may indicate that these two drops are connected.

It would certainly make sense to Fortnite to reintroduce web-shooters in this way. This Mythic truck was one of the most popular additions to Fortnite, so bringing him back alongside a beloved contemporary character like Miles Morales seems like a recipe for success. The leaks point to the arrival of Miles Morales to Fortnite been a few weeks now, so his arrival seems likely, and it would arguably make less sense for him to add sans-web-shooters, especially considering Mythic’s popularity.

Epic Games has yet to confirm any of this information, but many fans are already convinced that Miles Morales will be added to Fortnite. After all, he is the star of not only the popular spiderverse film series, but also the center of 2020 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales videogame. With this level of visibility increasing within the world of superhero entertainment, Miles Moralesalong with the returning web-shooters, they would be more than welcomed by gamers.

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Fortnite it is currently free-to-play on all platforms.

Source: HYPEX/Twitter (via charlie intel)

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