Fortnite and Warzone have copied Apex Legends, so what could Apex copy?

Fortnite and Warzone have copied Apex Legends, so what could Apex copy?

Fortnite has gotten rid of the build. While ditching the one thing that makes your game unique among a thousand battle royales might seem like a bad idea, players seem to be enjoying it so far. Developer Epic Games has added a bunch of new movement mechanics to fundamentally change the game for nine days, and one in particular has clear Apex Legends influences.

While the parkour is great, it’s Fortnite’s sliding that feels directly inspired by EA’s rival battle royale. This in turn is taken from Titanfall, but you know what I mean. I get it, Epic. I also think the Apex swipe mechanic should be implemented in every game from The Last of Us to Stardew Valley because it’s the most fun thing to do in any video game.


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However, before Fortnite slipped on the imitation train, Call of Duty: Warzone added redeployment towers that directly ripped out Apex balloons. A modern shooter might have had all sorts of gadgets to launch you into the air, but Activision landed on ziplines, the exact same thing Apex Legends has. I would take that as a compliment! Well done Respawn, you must be doing something right if your rivals are copying you. But in turn, could Apex bring back some of Fortnite and Warzone?

Fortnite and Warzone have copied Apex Legends, so what could Apex Back 4 copy?

What is the crux of Fortnite now that the building has been removed? Character crossovers? Apex Legends players have been requesting crossover skins for a while now, be it references to characters from Titanfall or characters that EA already has the license for, like Star Wars. As much as I’d love to see Gibraltar in the bright orange X-Wing pilot jumpsuit or Loba with her braids in little buns like Princess Leia, this wouldn’t make any significant difference in Apex, it wouldn’t affect gameplay in any way. and it could be a slippery slope to hundreds more collaborations with Marvel, DC or whatever blockbuster movie is the flavor of the month.

What I would like to see Apex Legends take from Fortnite is live events. The last one that happened in EA’s Battle Royale happened so quickly and without fanfare that I almost missed it. I don’t need Travis Scott or Ariana Grande to show up, but I’d love to see a map-wide event that unites players at war across the map. Remember when Mad Maggie crashed a ship in Kings Canyon, fundamentally altering the map for the new season? Imagine if we had seen that in-game, instead of in a trailer. We could have been dodging debris on Olympus when season 12 started, and who knows what the future holds.

Fortnite has gone from being a Battle Royale to a social space, and live events were part of that evolution. Let’s see something that tops Storm Point in Season 13 please.

Fortnite and Warzone have copied Apex Legends, so what could Apex Copy Back 2?

As for Warzone, it is very similar to Apex in many ways. Modifiable weapons in Warzone are reflected in Apex attachments. Armor plates? shield cells. Gas mask? Thermal shields. Renaissance Island? Control. So what does Warzone have that Apex could possibly want?

I vote for Contracts. You can find these challenges all over Verdansk in Warzone, and they give you little missions that help you prioritize your rotations and incentivize fighting opponents instead of camping. Some may require you to kill a specific opponent whose approximate location is marked on your map, others tell you to follow a trail of loot boxes, all of which reward you with cash upon completion.

A cash system would bloat Apex a bit, but rewarding crafting materials could do the trick, or make it similar to marauders and spiders dropping weapon attachments appropriate to what you’re running. Whatever the rewards, at least in public matches, a contract system would incentivize teams to employ slightly more careful strategies rather than just running headfirst into a third party at the closest fight they see.

Maybe it would be ignored, maybe it would overcomplicate things, but rewarding teams that complete them with decent loot could add an extra dimension to matches, especially on maps as big as Storm Point.

Fortnite and Warzone have copied Apex Legends, so what could Apex Copy Back 3?

If other battle royales are copying Apex Legends then Apex should copy it back. I’d love some momentous live events and a full contract system, but why stop there? Apex would thrive on Escape From Tarkov’s excellent sound design, and I’m still waiting for cross-progression so I can play it on my PS5 when I don’t feel like hunching over my desk. I know that I may do that now, but i want my precious cosmetics, duh.

However, why stop at Battle Royales? Take inspiration from Dream Daddy and turn traditional comics into full-fledged dating sims. Add a new mode inspired by Jurassic World: Evolution, where you must create and manage a theme park Prowler or choose something like Lawnmower Simulator and maintain the lawn at Olympus in the role of Apex Games Head Gardener. At this point, I’m just being serious, but I think all of these games could work as spin-offs after the immense success of Apex Legends.

Whatever comes after Apex Legends, you can be sure it will be new, innovative, and push the boundaries of Battle Royale even further. Not everyone will be happy with the changes, no one ever is, but as long as things stay interesting, I’ll be happy. Just promise me you’ll never take the slide off, Respawn.

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