A Warzone player spots a cheater using an unusual trick to get kills

A Warzone player spots a cheater using an unusual trick to get kills

crowd of gamers call of duty: war zone unfortunately they are familiar with hackers and cheaters. Unfortunately, the game has had a problem with cheaters since its release, and it seems those cheaters are now getting a little more creative.

Usually in first person shooter games like call of duty: war zone, players see cheats aimed at things like seeing through walls or removing incoming damage. However, at least one player is now scoring dozens of kills through an unusual melee trick.


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Shared on Reddit by call of duty: war zone Rip-Falcon player, the new trick is puzzling. The gameplay clip begins with the user’s team chatting about the obvious hacker, as the player reportedly has 40 kills in a single round. Throughout the clip, users argue about the cheater, while teammate after teammate is killed and dragged into the gulag. However, despite knowing that a cheater was nearby, they were caught off guard when the cheater came for them.

While standing on top of a cliff, they look down and see the cheater below them. After exchanging shots, they back off, lying in wait. Although they might have had a chance to take them by surprise when they climbed over the edge, instead the player is caught off guard, with the cheater suddenly launching himself over the edge and moving towards them at absurdly fast speeds before slashing them with his melee attack. body.

After the player’s death, it becomes clear what is going on. The war zone killcam switches to the cheater, where the player can see that he is rapidly launching himself off the side of the cliff by smashing the melee attack. The forward thrust that is usually part of melee attacks, which allows players to move in for the kill when there is some distance between them and their target, seems to have been changed. The increased forward momentum allows them to scale up the side quickly, then move in for the kill before an opposing player has time to react.

While publisher Activision has taken steps to try to combat the cheater problem, even with the introduction of the Ricochet anti-cheat system, cheaters like these can still be found in matches. It’s unclear if this particular cheat was used to fix the system’s automatic cheat detection or not, or if the player was simply trying something different. In any case, auto aim and wall hacks are only part of the cheating problem in call of duty: war zone. Fans are hoping that Call of Duty: Warzone 2The eventual release will learn from the lessons of fighting cheaters in war zone, but it is an unknown at this time. In any case, players are extremely dissatisfied to see another instance of cheating in the game this late in its life cycle.

call of duty: war zone It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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