7 Best Space Mods to Download for Minecraft in 2022

7 Best Space Mods to Download for Minecraft in 2022

Space mods are some of the most popular and unique types of mods that anyone can access in Minecraft. Space is always fun and fascinating to explore. Since Minecraft is quite compatible with mods, players have plenty of opportunities to create space-themed mods that add new blocks, dimensions, vehicles, weapons, armor, tools, mobs, and gadgets to the game.

Minecraft mods that focus on space exploration

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7) The WarpDrive mod

The Warpdrive mod is ideal for space exploration and construction. It puts the player in space and adds a ton of space-themed blocks to the game. Players can build a custom spaceship and use it to travel to different dimensions.

Several complex machine-based blocks can be found in the mod, giving more credence to the details of shipbuilding and space exploration in this mod.

Download this mode here.

6) galactic ship

Galacticraft is one of the most famous and effective space-themed mods for the game. Players have a variety of ship designs to choose from, which they can use to explore space.

Various planets can be accessed in the mod, from every planet in the solar system to other planets. Players can even go to the Moon, asteroids, and space station-like structures. There is a leveling system for ships and much more.

Download this mode here.

5) The FuturePack mod

This space-themed mod is quite futuristic. The mod deals with many new blocks and resources like wiring, pipes, and other devices. Players can craft industrial-grade equipment like ovens, scanners, and more.

Relying heavily on technology and progression-based tech trees, this mos is perfect for players who like to build different gadgets, machines, and gadgets. Redstone players will love it.

Download this mode here.

4) Space dimensions

Space Dimensions is one of the most detailed space-themed mods out there. It has a small progression system that focuses on building a space suit. A spaceship before taking off into space to start exploring.

There are plenty of planets to explore, along with some from the solar system. Changes in gravity can be experienced, and oxygen support is a reality in this mod.

Download this mode here.

3) The space age mod

Space Age mod is popular for p[layers looking to explore space in Minecraft. The mod starts by guiding the player on how to make their one spaceship. The best part is that this can be done using blocks from the vanilla versions of the game. Once the ship is built, there are a variety of planets to choose from and explore.

Download this mod here.

2) 4Space

4Space is a unique mod that adds many planets and worlds to explore in space. Many planets have moons, which are also fully explorable. Many planets have unique resources such as new minerals, blocks, armor, weapons, tools, etc. Players may even come across some alien mobs while playing this mod.

Download this mode here.

1) astromine

Astromine is a space-themed mod that focuses heavily on technology, weird machines, and gadgets. A small progression system is available for players to follow, allowing them to find their bearings and help them decide what to do in the mod. One of the best aspects of this mod is that players can travel to new and unique dimensions.

Note: Players are advised that this mod is one of the Fabric APIs.

Download this mode here.

The Minecraft modding community has been growing and working hard for the last decade. Every day, thousands of players, modders, and developers work on and release mods for the game, most of which are regularly updated and maintained. From individual players to entire organizations working on a mod, modding has become a substantial part of Mojang’s sandbox masterpiece.

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