What Happens in the Resident Evil Novels

What Happens in the Resident Evil Novels

The resident Evil The franchise encompasses a large number of multimedia products, from the original games to movies, television shows, and novels. As such, there is a large amount of resident Evil history to explore, although with so many different stories there are some inconsistencies. The novels are probably the least explored aspect of the franchise, as the movies and games have received much more coverage and propelled the franchise into what it is today. However, that is not an indication of the quality of the novels, as some of them are loved by fans of the franchise.


The SD Perry resident Evil The novels were the first to come out and are a favorite of many fans. There are also the novelizations of the films and a good number of original stories to explore. Some of the resident Evil The books have only been released in Japan, so they’re not that accessible, but as a general rule, the SD Perry novels are the easiest place to start for fans of the games. The novels add a great deal of detail to the existing stories, but are generally considered their own universe with a separate canon from the games and movies.

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S.D. Perry Novels

sd perry resident evil

Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, were the first to obtain the rights to publish novels under the resident Evil Name; Pocket Books originally wanted Steve Perry to write these books, but recommended his daughter, Stephani Danelle Perry, write them for him. SD Perry didn’t have access to any bonus material or developer notes while writing these books, but he manages to add a great deal to the plot of the early games, even penning explanations for some of the strange puzzles found throughout. resident Evil games.

His first novel in the series, the Umbrella Conspiracy, retells the events of the first game with additional material added by Perry. Then the second game is recounted in City of death, and Perry wrote original stories, one that takes place after The umbrella conspiracy and one after City of the Dead However, the game’s canon directly contradicts these stories. Cala Caliban takes place after the first novel and features Rebecca Chambers leading a team of STARS in investigating Umbrella’s experiments in the fictional Caliban Cove, Maine. Perry’s second original story, titled Underworld, see characters from Cala Caliban returns alongside Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. In this novel, a mysterious figure named Trent leads these characters to an Umbrella research facility in Utah. Perry also has three other in-game event narratives, named after their respective games, Nemesis, Code Veronica, Y Zero hour.

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Film novelizations and Osamu Makino

resident evil the final chapter novelization

Keith DeCandido wrote the first three novelizations of resident Evil movies, being the first call resident Evil:Genesis, and the others with the same name as the movies. Revenge Y the final chapter they are written by John Shirley and Tim Waggoner respectively. Osamu Makino wrote a Japanese novelization of the first film, titled Biological risk after the Japanese name of the game. Makino then went on to write numerous Japanese novels of resident Evil games and movies.

Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles Side A Y B side are the Makino count of the events of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Makino has also written Conviction for biohazard, a novelization of Resident Evil: Curse. Although Makino has written the second most resident Evil books, after SD Perry, and adds his own style to the stories, these books don’t get as much attention as other novels due to the language barrier for non-Japanese speakers. However, there are multiple fan translations of these stories for resident Evil fans who want them in English.

Resident Evil: The Book and other Japanese books

resident evil the true story behind biohazard

The real story behind biohazard was a pre-order bonus with the Sega Saturn version of the first game and includes an interview with Shinji Mikami and George Trevor’s letters. This was released in Japanese, though again there are a lot of fan translations. However, an official English translation of part of the book, telling a story set before the events of the first game, was published in 1998 under the title Resident Evil: The Book. The book is now hard to find in print, but it contains the original story by Hiroyuki Ariga, translated by Yoko Borcheli and Hanako Watanabe.

Resident Evil: The Book is a prequel that follows Chris Redfield in search of his missing friend, Billy Rabitson. Other notables resident Evil Characters appear in this book, including Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and Albert Wesker. Chris travels to Victory Lake within Raccoon City to find his friend and encounters numerous strange animal attacks and rumors of cannibalistic murders. The book sets up the events of the games by elaborating more on the character’s motivations and how they are drawn into the Raccoon City incident. As such, it’s definitely worth a look. resident Evil fans.

There have been a handful of other resident Evil books published in Japanese, with English translations usually available. These novels create an expanded universe for Resident Evil, with original stories set outside of the gaming canon. Biohazard The Evil North Sea features a research facility on an island in the North Sea owned by the Beardsley family, who were part of the same circles as Umbrella’s founders. Biological risk blank rose follows the original character Emily Ran, who is an employee of Umbrella but becomes increasingly concerned about the company’s ethics. Biological risk to freedom explore an outbreak in New York City with a cast of original characters. Finally, biohazard vendetta is a novelization of resident Evil Vendetta, written by screenwriter Fukami Makato.

There have also been multiple resident Evil published comics, so there’s a lot of material for fans to explore. As mentioned, the SD Perry novels are a great place to start, while Japanese speakers will definitely have a head start exploring many of the other books. Particularly interesting for long-time fans of the series, the resident Evil The books are a very important part of the Umbrella era in the franchise and as such have some nostalgia.

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