Minecraft should expand jungle temples and desert pyramids into mini-dungeons

Minecraft should expand jungle temples and desert pyramids into mini-dungeons

MinecraftThe upcoming Wild update comes with many powerful new features, including the fearsome Warden mob and new blocks that will make the swamps more interesting to explore. Minecraft Fans who love exploring the overworld in Survival will be particularly interested in the ancient cities of the Deep Dark biome, cryptic underground structures overrun by sculk that hide rare loot. Although Minecraft is largely designed to emphasize the creative choices of the player, the adventure aspects of the game cannot be underestimated. Ancient cities show the value of providing Minecraft players with dungeon-like structures including rare items and themed enemies found in a few other locations.


This is why Mojang should consider revisiting the desert pyramids and jungle temples in the future. Minecraft to update. Both structures have been in Minecraft for years, serving as charming details for some of the game’s less hospitable biomes, as well as hard-to-find sources of loot. However, as Minecraft has expanded and added more elaborate objectives for its players, these locations feel increasingly trivial. Since Mojang is already updating so many familiar parts of the game lately, you might as well consider updating MinecraftThe pyramids of the desert and the temples of the jungle. These milestones deserve to present greater risks and rewards alike.

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Improve minecraft desert and jungle objectives

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Desert pyramids and jungle temples have interesting designs in terms of architecture, but in terms of adventure, they are very limited. Each of them only has a couple of rooms and a single trap that separates the player from some treasure. That’s why these classics Minecraft locations typically only take a minute or two to explore, meaning they’re ultimately little more than elaborate houses for treasure chests. Fortunately, Mojang already has the perfect plan to improve both locations. MinecraftThe spooky forest mansions are much more robust thanks to their various structures, unique enemies, and special loot.

Ideally, a future Minecraft The update will make the pyramids and temples follow the example of Woodland Mansions. Both locations must be randomly generated from a list of pre-designed rooms, meaning each pyramid and temple is unique. Woodland mansions are also home to a variety of unique mobs in the form of illager variants, meaning they pose special combat challenges for Minecraft players. The desert pyramids would be the perfect home for the new mummy mobs, while the jungle temples could house plant-based monsters. Both places deserve unique items in the style of the Totem of the Undying, which is most often found on Evokers in the Forest Manor.

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Minecraft Jungle Pyramid

Minecraft you certainly already have some attractive landmarks to explore, such as ocean monuments and forts, along with the aforementioned forested mansions. All of these huge structures have an air of mystery and offer their own unique challenges. Still, there’s nothing wrong with diversifying the list of great structures that players can discover and explore. Looming pyramids and sprawling temples dotting Minecraft Landscapes would be unique and worthy additions to the dungeon roster. Minecraft locations. Minecraft you could gain a lot by bringing the familiar generated structures up to modern standard.

Neither deserts nor jungles have received a major update like the Wild Update swamp changes recently, so changes to pyramids and jungle temples could be on the horizon. Mojang has always seemed interested in updating old parts of Minecraft in recent years, and Wild Update certainly suggests that pattern won’t be broken any time soon, even if Minecraft also gain completely new biomes and structures. Both of them Minecraft Biomes could definitely use new geographic features, mobs, or block types, but it seems like temples and pyramids should be a priority above all else. They may be classic buildings in their own right, but they have a lot of untapped potential.

Minecraft It is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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