Minecraft: how to use spectator mode

Minecraft: how to use spectator mode

When using the Beta or Preview version of Minecraft Bedrock, players can now use the much-requested Spectator Mode in their world.

Spectator mode is a feature of Minecraft which allows players to “observe” the world in an ethereal way, granting them the ability to fly through any object, surface, or entity in the world. While the player is in this game mode, they will not be able to interact with any blocks, such as opening doors or chests. Spectator mode has been a feature available in Minecraft‘s java edition on PC as a staple for the “hardcore” community. However, this mode has not been accessible in the Base version of Minecraft – until now.

Introduced in the latest update 1.19 for Minecraft, Base users can now access Spectator Mode in an unofficial format through the Beta/Preview version of the game. However, keep in mind that this game mode is still in its early stages of development. In other words, until it is officially released in the future, the features of BaseSpectator mode will have some bugs. However, those with access to the Beta/Preview version of Minecraft they will be able to try and use this game mode for themselves.


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Turn on spectator mode minecraft bedrock can be done by entering the command “/gamemode 6.” A window should appear with the following message: “Your game mode has been updated to %createWorldScreen.gameMode.spectator.“This message indicates that MinecraftSpectator mode is now enabled, and the player should be able to travel the world as a “spectator”.

Using Spectator Mode in Minecraft

Minecraft Unlock Spectator Mode

However, there are some limitations when activating Spectator Mode during a Survival Mode session. For example, the player’s avatar will be able to walk through blocks, but will not be able to fly, but will only pass through the current plane of blocks they are on when they become a Spectator. To fix this issue, activate creative mode by entering the command “/gamemode c.“Then jump into the air and make sure the avatar is hovering or flying before re-entering”/gamemode 6.

Suppose Spectator Mode is activated while the player is flying. In that case, ethereal movement should work as intended, allowing the character to pass through and see through all solid blocks within the generated landscape, regardless of elevation at Minecraft. If fans open the game settings during this time to check “Personal Game Mode”, the tab will be blank as the current Spectator Mode is not yet an official option. Suppose players are having trouble seeing the underground regions due to the dark shadow effect of the environment. In that case, players need to activate the night vision state using a command like “/effect @p night_vision 10000 10 true.There are other possible commands or solutions to this issue, but it’s a quick fix that allows players to see better in the dark.

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Minecraft is available for PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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