Fortnite’s Marvel Crossovers Are Getting Boring

Fortnite’s Marvel Crossovers Are Getting Boring

Fortnite has added a number of Marvel character skins to its store and Battle Passes lately, but with more on the way, they’re starting to get bored.

Fortnite He has had many collaborations with Marvel throughout his life, introducing many characters from the publisher’s comics and film adaptations into the Fortnite universe through skins. While the initial crossovers were exciting for fans of both franchises, the hype slowly died down over time. With that in mind, it might be time for Epic Games to start focusing on new franchises to incorporate into their Battle Royale.

The Fortnite-Marvel skin collaborations began in 2019 during Chapter 1 Season 8, when Black Widow and Star-Lord character skins were introduced as a promotion for avengers endgame. Since then, Epic Games has introduced more Marvel heroes and villains into Fortnitewhich includes a mix of well-known standout characters and more obscure characters. While many of these skins are simply available through purchase in the everyday store, some Marvel skins received another treatment.


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It is common to see Marvel skins every time FortniteThe daily store resets, including the newest look for the character of Mary Jane. Nevertheless, FortniteThe Marvel skin roster is slowly starting to get saturated with Marvel characters. There are 45 of them in the game at the time of writing, and with more on the way, Epic may have taken their collaboration with Marvel a couple of skins too far.

Why the Marvel skins in Fortnite are becoming too much

Fortnite Marvel Characters

While it can be exciting to see many popular Marvel skins on Fortnite, are saturating the available in-game rewards, including the Battle Pass. The last three battle passes in Fortnite have listed a Marvel character as their “final” level 90 reward, with the most recent characters being Carnage, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange (with Prowler as an additional reward). there is no shortage of Fortnite crossovers with other franchises, but players who aren’t Marvel fans may find Marvel’s current approach to the game frustrating.

fans of Fortnite you can get tired of shopping FortniteBattle Pass if the main selling point is a Marvel character, especially if these players aren’t even Marvel fans to begin with. While all these comics inspired Fortnite Skins are great for Marvel fans, all the attention from Marvel might leave others drained. There are still plenty of other franchises you could cross paths with. Fortnite that aren’t Marvel-related, and it would be refreshing if the tier 90 reward of an upcoming Battle Pass isn’t a Marvel character.

In terms of successful non-Marvel crossovers, Naruto was another crossover that received a lot of publicity and attention from Marvel. Fortnitethe Epic Games community, so Epic Games should turn its attention to other franchises that could generate as much excitement. However, it doesn’t seem like Epic has any plans to deter from their Marvel skin production route, as there have been some leaks and rumors surrounding a possible Vision skin in Fortnite, and maybe even one from Miles Morales. The glut of Marvel and MCU based content is sure to appeal to a wide audience, but if Fortnite want to stay fresh, you may want to highlight other franchises more often.

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