Fortnite Voice Line Hints Vision Skin Comes From Marvel

Fortnite Voice Line Hints Vision Skin Comes From Marvel

A snippet of dialogue has some Fortnite fans guessing that The Vision could join his fellow Avengers as a guest character in the future.

A recently discovered voice line suggests that The Vision could be the next Marvel Comics character to appear as a playable character skin in Fortnite. This isn’t the first time players will see The Vision in a game. The Vision has also appeared in a small handful of Marvel-based video games over the years, with his most recent appearance coming in 2019. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

Marvel has lent several of its most iconic and relevant characters to Fortnite over the years, to the point where some players are starting to get tired of Epic adding too many comic book heroes and villains to their roster of character skins. Marvel’s newest wave Fortnite Guest characters began with the ever-popular Spider-Man at the start of Season 3, bringing with him his trusty web shooters and a swinging mechanic that many players feel is actually superior to those featured in games like Marvel Avengers. His crazy archenemy, the Green Goblin, would come to fortnite in no time, followed by Doctor Strange and The Prowler as part of Fortnite new content from Season 3 Chapter 2. Fortnite Marvel’s upcoming comic crossover has some fans guessing that tech-savvy Princess Shuri could join them, and even more leaks have claimed Miles Morales could be getting into it. Fortnite as well as.


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Now, a seemingly random line of dialogue discovered by Twitter user and fortnite news finder ShiinaBR hints that The Vision could also be entering the multiplayer battle royale fray. Apparently, if a player talks to the lead NPC of the metal team with a Doctor Strange skin equipped, he will ask them about Strange.”synth friend,an apparent reference to The Vision. While Epic hasn’t confirmed or hinted at anything official at this time, some fans are beginning to wonder if this line is a hint at future character skins based on The Vision or even his former love interest, The Scarlet Witch.

While Marvel has seen most of the guest appearances in Fortnite lately, there have been a lot of character skins based on game characters like Aloy from Forbidden Horizon WestEzio Auditore from the above assassin’s Creed games, and Kratos from God of War fame. Other Fortnite Crossovers have included characters from popular television shows such as rick and mortycomic book publisher DC Comics, and even real-life celebrities like Ariana Grande and Lebron James. Fortnite The Foundation’s resident super-soldier would finally remove his helmet to reveal the face and voice of famed wrestler-turned-Hollywood megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and he’s currently set to join forces with the X-Men in the aforementioned Fortnite/Wonderful cross comic.

Regardless of how one feels about Fortnite abundance of Marvel and DC characters, there is no denying that these crossover skins are quite popular with fans of the game. If a seemingly throwaway line from the leader of the metal team is any indication, The Vision could be the next Marvel hero to save the day in Fortnite.

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Source: ShiinaBR/Twitter

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