Dead by Daylight Characters: Survivors and Killers

Dead by Daylight Characters: Survivors and Killers

dead by daylight The characters are a big part of the game’s appeal. dead by daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which a monstrous assassin must hunt down four unwitting people who must escape to survive. Behavior Interactive has put a lot of character into both the killers and the survivors, giving players reasons to invest in them. Here’s everything you need to know about the dead by daylight characters.

Characters in Dead By Daylight: The Survivors

Characters in Dead By Daylight: The Survivors

dead by daylight has a great cast of characters, with plenty of regular old human survivors for you to choose from. Choosing your survivor isn’t simply a cosmetic choice, although that can be an important factor. Survivors have advantages, individual abilities that make them better or worse than everyone else. There are many of these perks, and some are exclusive to certain characters.

There are a couple of ways to determine which characters are better than others. Perks are one of those factors. Some perks are powerful, some are more situational, and some are less useful or more general in their application. So you have individual character traits. For example, smaller characters are more appropriate for stealthier playstyles; characters with outfits that blend in with the environment will also help those who wish to avoid combat at all costs.

Physically large characters or characters in very flashy outfits stand out more and are easier for an assassin to find and track. You even have to deal with how loud a character is, knowing how loud he makes when he’s in pain. A prime example of that is Jake Park, a character who has an advantage that makes him shut up while he’s injured. These perks make Jake much harder for an assassin to track after attacking him.

Many factors are involved in choosing a survivor in dead by daylight, but luckily there aren’t too many bad options. Someone like Dwight Fairfield, one of the characters unlocked early on, is a good choice for a versatile character. He’s not especially powerful, but he doesn’t have a lot going on either. That said, if you want some significantly more useful characters, you should pick someone like Claudette Morel or Mikaela Reid.

These two characters have something in common, they both focus on healing. Keeping yourself and your teammates healthy is crucial to dead by daylight, so it’s always good to have characters with healing perks. Claudette is interesting because she can heal others faster, see the auras of injured teammates, and heal herself without a medkit at half normal speed. If you are new to the game and want to pick a survivor that will be useful to your team, Claudette is great.

Mikaela Reid is a great character to keep your team alive. She uses blessing buffs, which are abilities that take effect around a blessed totem. Her blessing healing circle doubles the speed of all healing within a radius around the totem. She has Self Care like Claudette, but with her Circle of Healing, Mikaela can negate the debuff at half the speed of healing herself. These perks, along with Clairvoyance, which grants target information when a totem is destroyed, and her small size for better stealth, make Mikaela one of, if not the, best Survivor in the game.

Characters in Dead By Daylight: The Killers

Characters in Dead By Daylight: The Killers

On the other side of the fight, we have the assassins. Arguably choosing a killer is a more important decision than choosing a survivor. Killers play much more differently from each other than Survivors. Which assassin is in play has a massive effect on the game itself, and finding the right one for your playstyle is no easy task.

Assassins range from lumbering, lumbering monsters to agile, deceitful ghosts and demons. There are assassins with ranged attacks, assassins with traps, assassins that can teleport, and even an assassin which is two assassins you can swap between on the fly. Fortunately, the number of assassins on offer means there should be one suitable for any player.

New players could start with Trapper. He is the original killer, who has been there since day one. He stalks the survivors, brandishing his massive blade and trapping his prey in bear traps. He’s not particularly complicated to use, and though over the years he’s been greatly outclassed by new assassins, he’s still a good choice when he starts out as a rookie assassin. He just doesn’t expect to win against experienced Survivors often.

An excellent choice for a balanced and consistent assassin is the Demogorgon, one of the many crossover characters we’ll get into shortly. The Demogorgon has a handy portal ability that allows it to traverse the map incredibly quickly. He attacks with his claws and his Shred attack is quickly launched to catch the unsuspecting survivors. The Demogorgon is a fantastic option for new players who are sinking their teeth deeper into the murderous side of the game and want to start racking up a body count.

There are assassins for basically any style of play; This game even comes with two flavors of Chainsaw Killer. For a complete game-changing killer that can decimate survivors, check out Nurse. The Nurse has one main ability, and that is her Blink. She can effectively travel through any wall, around any obstacle, and attack shortly after appearing. The nurse is terrifying, as she can seemingly appear from anywhere. If you like the sound of instilling that kind of terror in your opponents, say hi to the nurse.

Dead by Daylight: Crossovers

Dead By Daylight Characters: Crossover Characters

No, there is no hidden third team of characters in dead by daylightbut special attention should be paid to the fantastic cast of crossover characters in the game. dead by daylight is a celebration of horror, in film, television and video games. Some of the classics appear here, such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Hellraiser. You also have great additions like Ghost Face from ShoutSadako’s The ring and the Demogorgon of Strange things. dead by daylight draws influence from all sides of horror, and I’d be remiss not to mention classic video game horror characters featured here, Nemesis of Resident Evil 3 and Pyramid Head from silent hill 2

dead by daylight goes a step further and includes prominent human characters from horror as playable survivors. These characters are rarely seen, so it’s amazing to see them included in the game. This includes Leon and Jill from Resident Evil, Cheryl’s silent Hill 3, and even Laurie Strode from the original Hallowe’en. dead by daylight is a love letter to the genre and has something for all horror fans.

That’s what you need to know to start familiarizing yourself with the many character options in Dead by Daylight. For more information on the game, why not check out our Dead by Daylight codes guide to see the currently available Bloodpoint codes?

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