Call of Duty: 10 cliches in every COD game

Call of Duty: 10 cliches in every COD game

The Obligations The franchise has long been one that sparks nostalgic conversation among gamers. Whether it’s 1v1 quick range matches in Rust or Search and Destroy in Raid, no one can help but stir up fond memories of playing with their friends after school. The franchise has remained mostly consistent since its debut and still has a devoted fan base that buys the newest game every year.

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The fact that the series has stayed as consistent as it has is a good and bad thing. For one thing, at least you know what’s in store for you when you spend that $60. On the other hand, the series has clung to many clichés over the years that have become obsolete for those committed to the franchise. While some of these clichés have become staples for all recent incarnations, some of these clichés should simply be set aside.


The ally becomes the enemy

First person view of the player trying to stab General Shepherd

A mission commonly discussed among COD fanbase is the final mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. It was unheard of in popular FPS games at the time to be betrayed like Soap and Ghost by General Shepherd. This moment just stuck with fans even today, and Ghost remains a fan-favorite character.

This once-iconic turn of events has now become a cliché that currently plagues COD campaign missions, as well as other FPS titles. The emotional impact that betrayals like that used to have seems to have faded over time.

shock value missions

The controversial No Russian mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Going back to the cultural impact that MW2 had when it launched, the media around the world was talking about the controversial “No Russian” mission. This mission got so much backlash from angry parents and political officials that the game was required to have a warning and the option to skip the mission before it started.

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it seems that Obligations The developers took the idea of ​​adding crash missions to get more eyes on the franchise and followed it. This specific mission had an impact on the financial success of the game, but it is ultimately not what the game is remembered for. Despite this, the developers still like to insert punchy missions into most franchise campaigns.


Call of Duty Mobile Shield Turret

While they can be effective, turrets on COD they just seem unnecessary for campaign and multiplayer missions. What was once a cool mechanic early on COD games eventually became redundant and aren’t really needed in the game.

While Obligations games still feature them on larger multiplayer maps, it would make more sense for developers to stop messing around with them. The only time players actually use them is when they are required for a specific single player mission.

stealth missions

An image of a player about to die in Call of Duty

Why do they still exist? To be fair, it’s not just COD games that do this, but every FPS game features frustrating stealth missions that often lead to rage or broken controllers. Having said that, Obligations The stealth levels have proven to be very elaborate and stressful levels that should not be ignored.

Seeing as multiplayer for COD it’s so fast and depends on one’s running and shooting skills, it seems like stealth missions are a bit useless now. If the developers decide to focus more on multiplayer gameplay than campaign missions (as they have in the past), the stealth segments will most likely be forgotten.

Press X for all

Player pasting another player in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

This is why so many players press X on other shooters and end up failing their campaign mission. Call of Duty started to have this weird cliche that has the player press X for quick-time events, pick up items, turn a valve, and everything else.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was responsible for the infamous “Press X to pay your respects” meme that has been a mainstay of the internet since the game’s release. While it’s definitely goofy, it’s 100% accurate to the actual game. Other shooters have reviewed this, but it makes it really hard to kick the habit when playing them.

mindless AI

One of the worst things in the Obligations Franchise is the AI ​​you are forced to be with during campaign missions. Unlike current war, every Obligations the mission is the player’s responsibility, and the AI ​​is there for moral support, and the enemies aren’t much better.

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Everyone COD The game has a warning before going into multiplayer that advises the player to complete the campaign before proceeding, but it seems unnecessary when the AI ​​is useless. Most other shooting games, like Battlefield either Aura, have helpful AI teammates and challenging AI enemies. It seems unlikely that this issue will be fixed in future installments, but there is always hope.

a silent protagonist

There are many protagonists in FPS games that are very mysterious in nature. An example of this is the Master Chief in the aura franchise. Obligations games have a history of making the character you play a silent protagonist. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with doing this, but with certain missions where your character is betrayed by an ally, it doesn’t have any real emotional impact.

Obligations the developers have managed to write compelling secondary characters, like Soap in modern warfare 2. These are the characters you grow to love and become attached to, which has an impact on the player if something happens to them during a mission. The developers have worked hard to make stronger stories and protagonists, and I hope it continues.

Add useless zombie perks

A zombie soldier in Call of Duty Vanguard: Zombies

When Obligations first introduced the now iconic Zombie mode in call of duty world at war, only four Perk-A-Colas were introduced. Quick Revive, Double Tap, Juggernog, and Speed ​​Cola. As the mode became more popular and different maps were introduced, so did the new Perk-A-Colas.

Some of the new Perks were actually very useful, including the revised version of Double Tap which made your weapon more powerful instead of a faster rate of fire. Some of these perks were useless and were forgotten in future installments, like the Who’s Who perk in call of duty: black ops 2. Hopefully the devs learn not to mess with a good thing (and don’t take Juggernog away again).

Easter Eggs in Zombies

Call of Duty Vanguard brings back the zombies

Once again remembering “the good old days” of Call of Duty: Zombies, easter eggs were never as elaborate and complicated as they have been in subsequent installments. If anything, they were just fun little puzzles that unlocked a hidden song or message from Samantha Maxis, but they weren’t essential to the game. Certain maps make solving the easter egg the only way the player can progress, such as the “Luna” easter egg in call of Duty Black Ops.

Many of the die-hard zombie gamers that used to be prominent in the early days of Zombies don’t even want to play anymore. They used to enjoy trying to get to the highest round with their friends online, but now they have to search for Easter egg guides on YouTube to play the map the way it’s meant to be played. If the developers want to keep doing this in future installments, at least give players instructions on the fly.

toxic fan base

Warzone cheaters sued

Honestly, it’s kind of sad that this has become such a cliché for him. Obligations franchise, but it needs to be addressed. People have abandoned the game completely due to the toxic COD can be in an online match. While this used to be kind of fun (especially if you were younger when modern warfare 2 was at its height) has led to people taking things too far, and some of these interactions lead to physical violence and even murder.

It is not only the public matches where these players reside, but also the eSports scene. Competition is competition, but some of the people who participate in the competitions act like children by constantly starting the drama with other pro players, making the entire organization seem like one big joke. This is probably why everyone switched to CS:GO in 2015 (which, to be fair, wasn’t much better in terms of toxicity).

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