VHS Slasher Movies and Silent Hill Combine in Night of the Scissors

VHS Slasher Movies and Silent Hill Combine in Night of the Scissors

A new standalone game called The Night of the Scissors has been released, offering an aesthetic similar to 80’s horror movies and classic Silent Hill games.

A new standalone game titled The night of the scissors just released, and it seems to be channeling soon Silent Hill classic horror B movies and titles on VHS. Silent Hill was influenced by horror movies and has since developed many of its own tropes and conventions. to say that Silent Hill has had an impact on the world of horror video games would be a massive understatement.

Along with franchises like resident Evil, Silent Hill it was instrumental in establishing video games as a means of presenting carefully crafted aesthetics, thick atmosphere, and dramatic storytelling. Despite its simple and rudimentary graphics, the original Silent HillThe haunting presence, iconic soundtrack, and fixed camera perspective made it an experience that stuck with gamers, many of whom went on to work on their own horror games. Modern AAA video games like Survive and independent titles like mirror forge use your Silent Hill influence on its sleeves, as the seminal franchise’s approach to world-building and gameplay comes through strongly in projects developed decades after its first release.


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Independent developer Thomas Esconjaureguy recently tweeted about the launch of The night of the scissorswhich is currently available for download from hotness.io. According to itch.io’s description of the game and Esconjaureguy’s own tweet, The night of the scissors seems to take a lot of inspiration from cheesy, semi-conscious ’80s horror movies and “classic psx titles“. The gameplay consists of running from a fearsome assassin known as the “Tailor“, using the environment to hide and fight this cardboard-clad killer in a creative and indirect way.

Although Esconjaureguy never directly mentions Silent Hillit’s clear that Konami’s iconic horror franchise had a huge influence on The night of the scissors. The game appears to have a fixed camera angle and puzzle-focused gameplay, along with an overall tone reminiscent of the first two. Silent Hill releases While fans wait for the next official Silent Hill release, The night of the scissors Might be worth taking a look at.

games like The night of the scissors are proof of how important it is Silent Hill The franchise, particularly its previous outings, has been in the gaming world. Countless franchises and independent video games that were popular at the time of release have been lost to time, but Silent Hill has survived through tributes, fan theories, and more, despite not releasing a full entry in over a decade. While charming and passionately made games like The night of the scissors will always be well received by Silent Hill fans, hopefully something official is on the way for this series.

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Source: Tomas Esconjaureguy/Twitter, hotness.io

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