Tip on how to win in Call of Duty Warzone 2022

Tip on how to win in Call of Duty Warzone 2022

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Check how to win in Call of Duty Warzone

These Warzone tips can be of great help when you are trying to up your game and earn more. You may think it’s all about perfect aim and laser-like reactions, but good strategic thinking and tactical awareness can give you a huge advantage in Call of Duty Warzone. Natural instincts and abilities only go so far. So by learning more about positioning, coverage, engagement distances, and other things you can easily control, you can speed up your shots and better understand how other players are thinking and what they might be trying to do.

Hopefully, these Warzone tips will help you look at the game differently and give you the information that can help you better understand what you can and can’t, or shouldn’t, do in many situations. By making more decisions and thinking about the outcome of each action before you shoot, you increase your hits to be the one. You still have to work, of course, there are no guarantees here. However, these Warzone tips will help you make better decisions and fight.

And, perhaps most importantly, be sure to avoid easy mistakes. Warzone is a standalone Call of Duty game that draws heavily from 2019’s Modern Warfare, along with Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard. It consists of several semi-open world modes: Battle Royale, Rebirth Resurgence, and Plunder, all of which are available for free, with or without having to purchase the latest base COD games. It runs on the same engine as Modern Warfare, has the same controls, and even gives you the chance to use your precious loadouts from the main games.

How to win in Call of Duty Warzone

war zone updates

Keeping up to date with the Warzone patch notes is a good way to ensure you have the latest information. Especially while Raven is making sweeping weapon changes and massively rebalancing the game. From nerfs and buffs, to new features or retired options, this is where you find out what just happened in Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone Tips

Consider these Call of Duty Warzone tips as your most basic starting point. Here’s a broad overview covering those first baby steps. It’s especially useful if she hasn’t visited the gulag yet or if she’s never seen a buy station. Start here before doing anything else.

The best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone

If you have your sights set on winning a match, you’ll want to use the best Call of Duty Warzone weapons. Inside this guide, we have the best weapons to use in Warzone, along with links to guides like the best M4A1 builds, the best MP5 builds, and more.

Best SMGs in Warzone

If you like to fight up close, our best Warzone SMG recommendations might be for you. From clearing the room to rushing your opponents, these options will keep you fast and deadly at close range. And, with a few accessories and smart charging, it might just give you a little distance, too.

Warzone’s best snipers

Warzone’s best sniper options will give you the safety of range if you think you can get by. From flashless sniper rifles to rapid fire sniper options, here are some options that will allow you to take down your enemies from miles away. They will never see you coming.

The best Warzone loadouts

While you arrive unarmed and have to scavenge for junk initially, you can buy your gear if you survive long enough, at which point you’ll want to research the best Warzone loadouts to increase your chances. Here, we break down what that means and how best to take advantage of what’s available.

Warzone M4 Builds

One of the first weapons you get is actually one of the best and most useful in the game, and an option that many stick with. So it’s worth taking a look at the best Warzone M4 builds before spending hours searching for more exotic weapons. There are a variety of options here that can suit almost any situation and is certainly something to consider in your kit.

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