Fortnite’s armored battle bus is now a drivable vehicle

Fortnite’s armored battle bus is now a drivable vehicle

Following the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, developer Epic Games released a rideable version of the game’s Armored Battle Bus.

days after unleashing fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, Epic Games released a fully built and drivable version of the Armored Battle Bus. The Battle Bus is essentially a blue school bus that has been armed to the teeth with powerful weapons. Two turrets sit at each end of the vehicle, while a large stone scoop covers the front. Needless to say, none of Fortnite other drivable vehicles provide the same defensive and offensive advantages.

Driveable cars and trucks joined the Fortnite experience during the Chapter 2 Season 3 Joy Ride update in August 2020. The update introduced four different vehicle types: a sedan, a two-door sports car, a pickup truck, and a semi-trailer. Epic Games introduced players to the Ferrari 296 GTB just under a year later, offering a Battle Royale-style driving experience like no other on the market. After the recent launch of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, the development studio dropped another must-have vehicle on the island. But unlike previous additions to the list, Fortnite newer car needs more than one person to take care of it.


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Recently, Fortnite (via PCGamingN) received a new drivable vehicle in the form of the Armored Battle Bus, an upgraded school bus decked out with a pair of usable gun turrets and an evil-looking cow hunter attached to its front end. Players can currently only find the Battle Bus in The Sanctuary, specifically on the easternmost side of the area. Fortnite So users would do well to avoid landing on Sanctuary, as the armored car will likely be operational.

a look at Fortnite The rideable Armored Battle Bus makes it clear that getting the most out of what it offers will take more than one person. After all, those mounted turrets won’t work on their own. The vehicle also looks quite formidable, even without the use of Fortnite powerful turrets. Players have already realized that the cow hunter can go through almost anything, including buildings. Combatants wandering on foot should be on the lookout if this behemoth of a vehicle comes hurtling down the street.

Driveable battle buses aren’t the only additions that have changed the flow of Fortnite in the last days. Epic Games also recently released a limited-time No Build mode, effectively removing the trademark building mechanic from the experience. And data-mined details suggest that Epic may consider leaving the new game mode permanently, a move that, if true, would allow players to choose whether or not to join modes with build-focused gameplay options.

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Fortnite is available on all platforms.

Source: Fortnite/Twitter (via PCGamingN)

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