Call of Duty: Warzone is broken and it won’t be fixed without a sequel – Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone is broken and it won’t be fixed without a sequel – Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone It has been around for years and its problems, in many ways, have not changed. And even now, with the new map and new anti-cheat fix and years of updates, war zone still not in a good condition. Connections are unstable, balance is unstable, and many things players want they can’t have. So, in this article, we are going to explain why call of duty: war zone is broken and won’t be fixed without a sequel: war zone 2

The map problem in Warzone: the history of Caldera, Verdansk and Rebirth

Unlike other Battle Royale games, war zone does not have and never has had a variety of maps. At any given time, you probably have two options at most. People played Verdansk and Rebirth for years, and now they continue to play Rebirth along with Caldera, and that’s it.

A Battle Royale game needs healthy map rotation to keep players engaged and the game feel fresh, there are no two ways around it. Look at all the other major popular shooters – do they only have one map or two? They probably won’t, and for good reason.

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A big part of why war zone works how it reduces to file size. maps in war zone It takes up so much space that it’s unrealistic to have multiple maps in one rotation. Gamers won’t put up with a 300-400GB game, and many won’t even bother downloading hundreds of gigabytes on a regular basis.

Partly, war zone works like this to facilitate the massive amount of streaming assets needed to make a game like war zone playable at 60FPS on next-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. This means developers can’t just implement some new kind of compression technology to massively reduce map sizes unless they overhaul the game and stop supporting PS4 and Xbox One.

war zone 2 Rumor has it that it will only be coming to next-gen consoles like Series X and PS5, which would make sense as it would allow maps to be much smaller in size, so that the game can reasonably support multiple maps at once.

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Warzone integrations with Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard

There are not two ways to do it: Add Cold War Y Vanguard content to war zone It has broken and continues to break the game. At the end of the day, war zone was developed as a third side mode for Modern war (2019). He was never meant or intended to put up with a lot of weaponry, especially weapons from later. Obligations games.

What this created was an endless struggle between making weapons of other Obligations games look, feel, and function just like their original games without completely messing up the balance of war zone. Ultimately this has meant that many weapons are strictly better than other weapons, which is terrible for game balance.

It has also led to numerous bugs and glitches, especially with attachments not working or changing whatever their descriptions say they will change. Furthermore, at any given time in war zones life cycle, the best weapons to use will be the last added in-game weapons, undermining the game’s huge library of weapons in a massive and perpetual way.

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This problem will never be addressed in any meaningful way in war zone, at this point, because weapons cannot be removed from the game. People spend real-world money on weapons in this game, so Activision cannot remove access to these types of purchases.

Warzone engine technical issues and limitations

FOV, for example, why can’t you adjust war zone FOV on PS4 and Xbox One? Activision doesn’t like to say it officially, but since it’s been such a popularly-demanded feature for so long, it’s become pretty clear why developers won’t add it: Next-gen consoles can’t handle the higher rendering load of a FOV. changeable at 60FPS of the game.

Usually, war zones the engine is the Modern war (2019), and Modern war It wasn’t built to support a Battle Royale game with tons of maps, loads of weapons, and balanced, fair, high-level competitive gameplay. It was conceived as a fun secondary mode. Kind of like Blackout from black ops 4 either squad from Cold War. I like the game ranked on Vanguard.

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Consequently, the kind of overhaul the engine would need to support all of these things in an efficient and workable way can only be achieved with a sequel. Especially since this sort of thing just won’t be technically possible on PS4 and Xbox One 2013-era hardware, and it’s not like Activision just stops supporting war zone on those platforms. Rather, they will release a sequel that will simply never come to PS4 or Xbox One.

Plus, war zone 2 doesn’t even necessarily need to be built with the weaponry of modern warfare ii (2022), as well as future games in mind. Instead, war zone 2 you could choose to have your own unique set of weapons exclusive to that game and that game only. Although, yes war zone 2 join later Obligations games, at least it can be designed from scratch to support such a feature.

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