A Guide to Using Replay Mode in Minecraft

A Guide to Using Replay Mode in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most versatile games out there, and developers are constantly creating new mods to improve the gaming experience.

One of the most impressive mods is simply known as The Replay Mod. This Minecraft mod is quite simple and allows players to record, play and share video clips of their in-game experiences.

For those who don’t want to rely on external software like Fraps or OBS, this mod is a great alternative. You can operate in-game without substantial knowledge of video capture and editing software, making it an accessible option for new and veteran players alike.

Minecraft: Using Replay Mode

The mod timeline can be seen at the top and provides a recorded replay (Image via Replaymod.com)
The timeline of the mod can be seen at the top providing a recorded replay (Image via Replaymod.com)

Using The Replay Mod may seem daunting at first, but fortunately, the mod’s interface is simple enough for Minecraft players with little video editing experience.

With just a few clicks and a bit of slider manipulation, players can have entertaining clips to save and post elsewhere if they choose. What players do with their recorded clips is up to them, but capturing them can take a bit of time and effort.

Below, Minecraft players can find a short list of steps on how to use the basics of The Replay Mod.

  1. Enter a single player world or server/realm, the mod should start recording immediately. Players can see this via a text notification, as well as the “record” symbol at the top of the screen. They can move around the world just like in Spectator mode to watch the replay.
  2. Once Minecraft players have recorded their footage, all they have to do is exit the world or the server, replays are automatically saved.
  3. Back at the main menu, players can click “replay editor” to edit their recorded replays.
  4. Select the appropriate playback from the list of recorded replays and select “load”.
  5. Once inside the replay, players can use the movement keys to move around the game environment while the replay is playing. Players can use the mouse wheel to increase their movement speed.
  6. By using the chat key combination, players can speed up playback, pause playback, replay playback, and select parts of the timeline to jump to specific points in playback.
  7. Below the standard timeline at the top of the screen, there is also a keyframe timeline below it. Players can use the green diamond button to create positional keyframes at certain points in the playback, creating a “camera path” for cinematic camera moves. Position keyframes will memorize the camera position at each keyframe and stitch them together.
  8. Minecraft players can also click the hourglass button to place time keyframes. Time keyframes use the real timeline instead of the keyframe timeline to mark important parts in playback time. This can be used to pause or slow down/speed up certain moments in playback that will play at that speed in the actual recording.
  9. Once Minecraft players are satisfied with the results, they can click the floppy disk button to convert the clip to a video file. Players can select the file encoding, video resolution, and file bit/frame rate, while also allowing them to enter a file name for their new video clip. Players can then press the “render” button to create the clip.
  10. Lastly, Minecraft players can select “replay center” from the main menu to view their clips by logging into Replaymod.com (it’s also possible to create an account from here). Players can then search for their own clips based on file name or server IP, as well as view clips uploaded by others. One can enter the playback viewer to upload their own clips, and can even download their own clips or those posted by other players.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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