Top 7 Ways to Get XP in Minecraft 1.18.1 (2022) Update

Top 7 Ways to Get XP in Minecraft 1.18.1 (2022) Update

Experience points, or XP, are one of the main methods of progression in Minecraft. In simple terms, experience is used to track and reward players for the activities they do in the game. Specifically, this includes activities that help players learn the basics of the game, such as mining, cooking, smelting, and more.

Experience points are earned in various ways in the game. As each game update is released, players start looking for better and more efficient ways to earn XP as it helps with things like enchanting and repairing equipment.

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Minecraft: The best methods to grind experience points

7) Enderman Farm

As many players know, the Final dimension is full of Enderman mobs. After beating the Ender Dragon, players can increase their XP supply by creating Enderman farms.

These farms work in a similar way to the aforementioned mob farms. It includes a narrow vertical passage where groups of Enderman mobs get trapped, free for the player to kill.

6) Inferior Quartz

Nether Quartz is a whiter colored substance found only in the Nether dimension. Mining the block gives Nether Quartz, which can be used to make a Nether Quartz block.

However, the most notable feature of this ore block is that it grants a considerable amount of XP when mined. A lesser quartz ore block gives 3.5 experience points.

5) Outworld Mob Farms/Mob Grinders

Overworld mob farms use the light level system to provide the player with a constant band of mobs to kill for XP. These farms usually include large structures with a dark area on top, which serves as a spawning area for mobs.

Water is then placed on top to transport them down to a herd area at the bottom of the structure, where players can kill them in groups for large amounts of XP.

4) Cactus and bamboo farm

These farms are quite popular and profitable. Cacti smelting and using bamboo as an auto-resupply material are among the best methods of gaining XP from plant-based XP farms.

Man-made designs for such farms exist in the burial, from small structures to large factory-like “XP banks” that generate massive amounts of XP.

3) Spawn XP Farms

Mob generators can be found in various locations throughout the Minecraft world cave systems. These spawners are usually hidden within an area made of cobblestones, with one or more loot chests.

Mobs spawners do not stop spawning mobs unless they are restricted by an item such as a torch placed on them. This allows players to create mobster farms similar to the ones mentioned above. Skeleton and zombie spawners are popular choices here.

2) win the game

Throughout a player’s Minecraft journey, they encounter tons of mobs and ores and do activities that earn them XP. If managed correctly, players can have a ton of XP by the time they reach the end of the game.

Now, however, comes one of the most important sources of XP in the game: the Ender Dragon. When killed, the Ender Dragon drops XP orbs that add up to a total of 12,000 experience points.

1) “Miiiiing away”

It’s no secret that the process of extracting minerals in Minecraft gives the player experience points. During the early days of Minecraft, most players spend hours mining resources to upgrade their tools, weapons, and armor.

This can net you a ton of XP. However, after a certain amount of time, when players get basic gear like an iron armor set and iron tools and weapons, they are advised to prioritize ores and blocks that give more XP to maximize their XP gains.

Minerals in Minecraft like lapis lazuli, diamond, redstone, coal, and emeralds are minerals that give immediate XP. This means no time will be wasted in smelting, unlike when a player mines ores like iron.

Large mining trips with significant collection of the aforementioned minerals can generate a lot of experience points for the player.

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