Top 5 Tips to Get Better at Bedwars in Minecraft (2022)

Top 5 Tips to Get Better at Bedwars in Minecraft (2022)

Being such a widely played sandbox game, Minecraft players have multiple different options when it comes to the ways they can engage in PvP content.

One of the most fun and common ways that players can participate in PvP games is by participating in Bedwars. Bedwars is an entertaining PvP mode where there are teams on different islands and players have to protect their bed while trying to destroy the enemy team’s bed on their island.

Top 5 Tips to Get Better at Bedwars in Minecraft (2022)

Starting a game of Bedwars in Minecraft, players will be able to select their team by choosing a color. When the game starts, they will spawn with other members of the same team on a separate island. The goal is to strategize with your team to protect your own bed while trying to destroy the opposing team’s bed. If they manage to do so, they can take down the enemy team, as enemy players can no longer respawn with a destroyed bed.

1) Learn to accelerate the bridge

One of the most important aspects of Bedwars is getting to the islands of the opposing teams. These islands float in different places, and depending on where players spawn, they may have to make multiple bridges to get there. Also, enemy players will always try to destroy the bridges to prevent others from reaching their island. Learning how to build a bridge quickly is critical to the success of players:

  • Players must learn to tilt their camera at a 45-degree angle to the blocks below them in order to more effectively bridge.
  • Bridge practice is key. Players can practice in single player mode to try to learn how to make bridges faster.
  • There is an advanced method that players can use that involves alternating crouching and standing while pressing the key to place blocks as quickly as possible. This is the fastest method of bridging, but it takes a lot of practice to get right, and the results can be bad if a player messes up.

The faster a player can make a bridge, the faster they can get to their opponent’s island and then destroy their bridge, thus improving their chances of winning the game. As bridges are destroyed quite frequently in this game mode, players will need to place bridges repeatedly.

2) Conserve resources

Early in the game, Bedwars players will spend a lot of time near their generators to gather resources that can help them progress by building tools and then trading and crafting to make better blocks and items. The more players nearby, the faster the materials will appear. However, it is important that players do not waste their resources. This means:

  • Don’t foolishly spend resources on things you don’t need. Try to save for things that are better instead of buying a lot of things that you may need later and end up unused.
  • Make sure to invest in an ender chest so that there is a safe place for the player to store their items when they die. This means that they will not lose everything in the event of death. Don’t take more than you need to avoid losing it all.

As materials improve in the game, players may want to invest in certain items, but it’s critical not to forget to defend the bed as well.

3) Do not neglect to protect the bed

When the game really gets going, it’s easy to lose focus on the fact that players must defend their bed at all times. Placing blocks around the bed to defend it and fight enemy players should always be the main goal. Of course, there are times when sprinting can mean the difference between defeat or victory, but in general, it’s almost always good to protect your bed.

4) Know what everyone is planning to do

Teamwork and communication are essential to win in this Minecraft mode. If everyone does their thing, there’s almost no way the team can win. Different strategies, routes, and roles must first be decided upon. There should always be someone defending the bed, and it’s always nice to have a player invest in support items like potions to salvage a losing fight.

5) Download a resource pack to optimize PvP content in Minecraft

Sometimes things can get a bit hectic in PvP. Because of this, players’ framerates can suffer, or they can even be distracted by too much visual clutter. Downloading a PvP Resource Pack, such as the Amethyst PvP Pack, can greatly help overall performance and visibility. By increasing system performance and reducing visual clutter, it helps Minecraft players concentrate and focus on winning.

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