Resident Evil 7’s Best Character Is RE Village’s Most Underused

Resident Evil 7’s Best Character Is RE Village’s Most Underused

The resident Evil The series is packed with memorable and over-the-top characters, and the modern Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Y Resident Evil Village are not an exception, but there is a character introduced in Resident Evil 7 wasted on Resident Evil Village: Mia Winters. Despite being a major force for history in RE7with many shocking and emotional moments throughout, that solid foundation was not built on Village.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village.]

After the lukewarm reception of resident Evil 6the best sale Resident Evil 7 shook things up by switching to a first-person perspective and introducing a new player character: Ethan Winters. At the beginning of Resident Evil 7, Ethan is trying to locate his missing wife Mia. His search for him leads him to the home of the Baker family, a once-ordinary family living in rural Louisiana, infected by the Moho and later turned into deranged cannibalistic killers.


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Mia’s complicated relationship with the Bakers, her own mental dysfunction, and her mysterious past that unfolds over the course of Resident Evil 7 make her a compelling character with an interesting and emotional journey. As Mia and her enigmatic disappearance, along with her shifting allegiances, take center stage in Resident Evil 7its role is markedly reduced in Resident Evil Villagewhich is a missed opportunity for the history of the game.

Mia is the best character in Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Unveiling Better Than Village

Mia plays an important role in Resident Evil 7The strong opening sequence, as players were shocked to discover her unharmed, very early in the game’s campaign. However, it is immediately clear that something is wrong, as Mia almost seems to have acquired some kind of Stockholm syndrome, referring to her captor as “Dad“, much to Ethan’s bewilderment. Things go from bad to worse once the players climb the stairs to Mia’s underground prison, as she has a seizure and turns into a violent and deranged monster, cutting one of the Ethan’s hands in a bloody confrontation.This encounter culminates in the player seemingly shooting Mia to death, leaving Ethan traumatized and confused.

However, it turns out that Mia is host to the Mold, effectively making her immortal, with the inconvenient side effect of extreme neurological and psychological defects. After progressing a bit in the game as Resident Evil 7The faceless protagonist of , players will meet Mia again, and once again be surprised to find her alive and well. Ethan learns more about the mold virus afflicting his wife and embarks on a quest to find a cure.

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Mia’s experiences before the start of Resident Evil 7 they gradually become clearer, and players are even put in their shoes for a meaty part of the game’s story. Through playable flashbacks, it is revealed that Mia was actually sent on a secret mission years before the events of the game, ending up bonding with Eveline, a perpetual girl who has the power to infect humans with the Moho. She infects Mia to keep her under control, leading to Mia’s involvement with the Bakers. Although the facts of Resident Evil 7 are covered up after the game closes, the horror and emotional complexity of the experience stick with Mia well into the game’s sequel.

How Resident Evil Village Underuses Mia

Ethan and Mia's house in Resident Evil Village has too much wine

Although players can choose to heal Zoe Baker instead of Mia during Resident Evil 7, the game’s canonical ending sees a cured Mia and Ethan reuniting and rebuilding their lives together. This reconciliation, for some reason, involves them moving to Europe, where the couple raise their newborn daughter, Rosemary. The domestic bliss is interrupted by a group of Blue Umbrella agents led by Chris Redfield, who promptly riddle Mia with bullets right in front of Ethan, who escapes the agents on the way to another location and stumbles upon the titular village. of the game.

It is eventually revealed that Mia is actually alive, but players will spend most of the game assuming that she is dead. While Ethan is meant to be more mature in Resident Evil Village, her soft personality becomes more obvious, as she doesn’t have the much more interesting Mia to play with. Players shoot Mia to death inside Resident Evil 7‘s first hour, which starts the game off with an appropriately unsettling bang. From there, the mystery of Mia’s past, her intentions, and her relationship with the Baker family drive the game’s narrative, so the fact that Ethan is some kind of run-of-the-mill character isn’t a big deal. big problem.

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In Resident Evil VillageHowever, Mia doesn’t really come into play until late in the game, and even then she’s mostly used as a way to expose the player. The negative effects of this Capcom choice are felt in the flesh. Resident Evil VillageThe flawed story, as the unique and heartbreaking story of the couple’s relationship during the horrors of Resident Evil 7 is replaced with a somewhat more clichéd story with more predictable beats about a father searching for his missing daughter. For many players, this bait and switch will be even worse than killing Mia, as it shows that this interesting character could have been in the game all along, but wasn’t. Resident Evil Village he ends up doing some interesting things with the Ethan-Mold virus twist, but it’s not enough to fix this missed opportunity with Mia.

Future Resident Evil games may take advantage of Mia

Resident Evil Mia Winters' name is a joke about the history of RE7 and RE8

However, all is not lost for fans of Mia Winters. Although her exact whereabouts are after Resident Evil Village The end is unknown, it seems that she is alive and well. The game’s epilogue follows a teenage Rosemary, who could play a significant role in the next game in the series, perhaps even as the lead. Assuming she still gets along with her mother, Mia could play a supporting role in the sequel to Resident Evil Village, helping her daughter fight off the next big threat. Instead, Mia could once again be sucked into the conflict with Mold or some new antagonistic force, playing another version of her role in Resident Evil 7.

Mia Winters is one of the most interesting characters introduced in this generation of resident Evil games, as their physical mutations and oscillation between good and evil create an engaging and fun narrative conflict. While Resident Evil Village appears to have completed Ethan’s story, there is still room for Mia to develop, reminding players why she was such a vital part of the game. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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