Jason Momoa will star in a video game movie

Jason Momoa will star in a video game movie

He looks like an international superstar. jason momoa will soon extend his successful association with the mighty Warner Bros. studio after playing the title character in DC’s superhero movie aquaman Y League of Justice (as well as in the next aquaman and the lost kingdom), and starring Dunethe actor is about to strike a deal to star in the film adaptation of the hit video game franchise. Minecraft. What the hollywood reporter reveals, Momoa is in final negotiations to star in the live-action adaptation, which has been in the works for years.

Filmmaker Jared Hess is attached to direct the film. The napoleon dynamite Y free nacho The director will take on the job of bringing the latest addition to the universe of video game adaptations, a booming segment in the movie industry that has seen a surge in public interest with some successful titles grossing significant numbers, such as detective pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehogand massively multiplayer online inspired free boywhich recently got the green light for a sequel.


Little is known about the details of the Minecraft film adaptation at this point. The main question when it comes to this specific title is: how will a video game that is completely based on building blocks incorporate the story into a live action project? Even if you’re not a fan of Minecraft, you probably know enough to remember his signature look: if they keep that, does that mean we’ll get a square-looking Momoa? Will the film be about people playing or creating Minecraft? Many questions…

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If you’re wondering all of these things, you might feel less alone when you consider that Warner Bros. may also have struggled to bring this billion-dollar franchise to the big screen. The Minecraft The film was first announced in 2014, and a roster of directors has since boarded and left the project. As this sounds like an incredibly complicated adaptation to get right, it’s no wonder the film has been through development hell. Video game adaptations tend to excite fans, so the best option with Minecraft is tread carefully.

However, with Momoa sealing a deal, it looks like the project is finally moving to the next step, suggesting a script is nearing its final treatment. Momoa is, of course, a wise choice: the hugely popular actor became a fan favorite as a DC superhero and will soon be joining another popular franchise by starring in fast and furious 10. So however bad or good the movie turns out, at least Momoa fans will be flocking to theaters to see her latest work when the time comes.

Minecraft was released in 2011 and its block building game ended up appealing especially to children, who were able to exercise their creativity by building whatever they wanted within the virtually infinite world of video games. With over 200 million copies sold worldwide, it quickly became the best-selling video game of all time, and it looks like it will hold this title for years to come: it still has over 100 million active players, more than one decade. after its release.

Warner Bros. has not yet revealed more details of the Minecraft movie, including a release window.


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