Fortnite’s new skinning mechanism can negate fall damage, says YouTuber

Fortnite’s new skinning mechanism can negate fall damage, says YouTuber

Fortnite’s recently added skinning mechanic could help players avoid falling damage in some circumstances, according to a recent YouTube video.

FortniteNewly added protection mechanic could allow players to avoid falling damage in certain situations. The cover mechanic, which is commonplace in many other games, was added as part of Season 2, accompanied by other massive changes like the removal of FortniteThe iconic build system of .

What Fortnite enters the second season of its third chapter, it continues to expand and improve through a series of new mechanics, features and activities. Minigames and quest collections like Avian Ambush bring the game to life and keep it fresh for veteran players, while new inclusions like Spider-Man’s web shooters allow for entirely new approaches to matches. While these fun new features, along with the multiple new character and weapon skins arriving each season, are somewhat common, it’s less common for the game to permanently alter its core gameplay outside of key moments like vehicle arrivals. Mantling is another feature that has the potential to drastically shape the game, allowing players to climb over certain objects and open new doors when trying to get through. Unlike more controversial aspects of season 2 like Doctor Strange Fortnite skin, this cloak mechanic seems to have been pretty well received.


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A new YouTube video SoaR Milo indicates that this new mechanic could offer more advantages than previously assumed. The video, which focuses on “breaking myths“rumors about Fortnite‘s season 2 changes start with an experiment trying to test whether taking cover can negate fall damage. The experiment simply involved SoaR Milo’s character falling from a significant height and taking cover on the side of a building. In this case, the “myth” seems to be true, as SoaR Milo’s character does not take any damage.

Fortnite However, fans may want to wait a bit before assuming this is 100% accurate. SoaR Milo’s video, to all appearances, is not fraudulent, but that doesn’t mean its outcome is universal. As with any experiment, the results must be replicated multiple times. SoaR Milo is also careful to point out that this trick requires exceptional timing when using the cover mechanic.

Unlike the many weapons introduced with new Fortnite seasons, it’s hard to know if this damage negation is an aspect of the protection the game’s developers intend. On the contrary, it’s certainly possible that this was simply an unintended side effect of the new mechanic being patched quickly. Still there’s nothing to stop Fortnite players to try it themselves before this is patched.

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Fortnite is now available on all platforms.

Source: SoaR Milo/YouTube

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