Fortnite Dr. Strange has players asking for a break from Marvel Skins

Fortnite Dr. Strange has players asking for a break from Marvel Skins

While some fans are excited about Dr. Strange’s arrival in Fortnite, others see it as a sign that the game has too much Marvel content.

Following the announcement that Dr. Strange would be coming to Fortnite as part of the latest battle pass, many of the game’s players have started to back off. The free-to-play battle royale game has been featuring Marvel-centric content for a few years now, and it looks like at least some of the fanbase is starting to tire of it.

Epic Games has a lot of different approaches when it comes to beefing up its live service offerings on Fortnite. The game is regularly updated and its seasonal model allows for a wide range of unique changes and additions, including new maps, features, and even completely different mechanics or activities. These more substantial content drops are usually the most talked about, but it’s far more common for the game to feature skins and gear packs themed around fictional characters or real-world celebrities. Many of these Fortnite the cosmetics hail from Marvel comics and the MCU, and while some, like Spider-Man’s web shooters, add a new layer to the gameplay experience, most are just skin deep. This general trend continues with the introduction of Doctor Strange.


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As noticed by the play store dexertothe arrival of Doctor Strange has received a lukewarm response from some Fortnite players Reddit users like EsMeEJT have criticized the fact that the battle pass is the third in a row to feature a Marvel-themed skin as its level 100 reward, implying that there is a lack of diversity in this system. redditor rip_harambs took an even stronger stance against the skin, simply stating that the character isn’t worthy of his position as a level 100 reward, as these are some of the hardest to earn.

These naysayers are likely to be disappointed if rumors of Miles Morales reaching Fortnite end up being true. Whether that rumor is true or not, the fact that most gamers seem to find it extremely plausible might say all there is to say about FortniteThe abundant use of these characters. In fact, it seems that just about every major character in the Marvel world has appeared in Fortnite in some shape, form, some have even appeared more than once.

It’s hard to know exactly what FortniteThe developers of are thinking about the introduction of so much Marvel content, but they could be in a difficult situation. It’s clear that some vocal parts of the fanbase are speaking out against the over-representation of Wonderful characters, but these skins seem to be the most popular as well, so it’s likely that Epic is just trying to serve their fans what they’ve expressed interest in.

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Fortnite can be played on all platforms.

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