The best Arena War vehicles in GTA Online


The best Arena War vehicles in GTA Online

gta online It gives you a much more immersive experience in the world of Grand Theft Auto and a variety of strange but lucrative side hustle. The Arena War DLC offers reputation points, money and a highest arena rank as you progress and win. In PvP matches, your goal is to have a beefy monster as a vehicle to eliminate your opponent.

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While there are about a dozen base vehicles to choose from in Arena War, your customization pack can make a huge difference in how each one handles in a scuffle. This makes some cars more desirable when equipped with one package over the other.


8/8 Future Shock Bruiser

The Future Shock Bruiser is a solid pick if you plan on getting dirty. Built to be an off-road car, the Bruiser isn’t AWD, which means climbing hills or dealing with rocky terrain will be tough, but you can add jump modes that launch the car into the air to avoid rough terrain.

On its own, the Future Shock Bruiser is strong against larger vehicles, one of its biggest advantages, but with the Ram mod, it can damage almost all other cars, with the exception of Phantoms and Utility Trucks. You can also add phased plasma pistols to this Bruiser which offer the same amount of damage as other weapons, but with a higher rate of fire.

7/8 apocalypse death bike

The Apocalypse Deathbike was loosely based on Daryl’s motorcycle in The Walking Dead, and as such can be modified to be quite twisty with saw blades and Gatling guns. The Deathbike can run at high speeds, making it a great hit-and-run option, and you can add Boost to make it go even faster.

As a small motorcycle, it won’t have an advantage over many of the larger cars, but anything with weak or no armor is vulnerable, as are pedestrians. To protect your rider from bullets, you can get the Heavy Armor upgrade to strengthen the damage this Deathbike can withstand. However, as it is, it can take an explosive blast without being completely destroyed.

6/8 cerberus nightmare

A commercial truck, the Nightmare Cerberus is slow but powerful. You can add Boost upgrades to increase speed and Jump mode to launch you into the air over obstacles. If you’re looking for something that takes minimal damage, this is your truck.

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The longer body allows the rear end to take more damage without a high impact on the overall condition of the truck. It also comes with a bulletproof windshield for your protection. The Cerberus has a built-in flamethrower and you can add another one to the back of the truck, both with a short range area of ​​effect. You’ll also want to add the body spikes for close contact with other players (this deals fair damage) and the Ram weapon which deals massive damage.

5/8 Future shock ZR380

The Future Shock ZR380 takes a regular sports car and gives it a sleek yet dangerous look. As a sports car, the ZR380 has top speeds and excellent handling, though the armor for the Future Shock package will weigh it down and you’ll need to add Boost to get your speed back.

There are already window plates at the front, and you can add them around the car to make it better resist damage from bumps and leaks. To give it a competitive edge, you’ll want to use the Ram Weapon mod to deal damage, as well as the two machine guns that offer decent damage to anything that isn’t heavily armored. Lastly, there are the Proximity Mines, which offer five different types of ranged attacks against enemy vehicles.

4/8 Nightmare Dominator

The Nightmare Dominator is built from a muscle car with above-average top speeds. Since this pack will add a lot of armor to the car, the weight will make acceleration slower unless you add Boost. You can also add the Jump mod to launch yourself into the air if you want to avoid larger vehicles altogether.

The Dominator has a push bar on the front that protects it from taking too much damage in a collision. Adding the Reinforced and Heavy Armor upgrades will make it even tougher in the arena. There’s also the Tombstone armor plate on the rear that can detach from the car to become an obstacle for your opponents.

3/8 Future Clash Issi

The Future Shock Issi may be an unlikely choice due to its small size, but it handles impressively well thanks to its tall suspension and nimble bodywork. You’ll be able to easily outrun larger vehicles, and with the addition of Jump mode, you’ll launch yourself over anyone you can’t outrun. Jump will also help with obstacles that this RWD car can’t get over.

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The Issi can be thrown around the Arena more easily because it is so small, so building defense is a must. Adding Ram Weapon and Phased Plasma Guns will help you deal damage to enemies and hopefully keep them at bay.

2/8 nightmare emperor

The Nightmare Imperator will require a more skilled driver because despite its great acceleration, it has poor brakes and only decent speed. This means that it is more prone to skidding and slipping on the road. It has some metal bars on the windshield that help protect against bullets, but you’ll want to add Heavy Armor to make the car safer.

Since it may take longer than you’d like to regain control of the Imperator again, you’ll also need the Ram Gun and modded Kinetic Mortars. Mortars don’t deal significant damage to a target, but will force them away from you while you correct your direction.

1/8 Sasquatch Apocalypse

The Apocalypse Sasquatch is an off-road truck that may or may not suit your needs. In terms of larger trucks, it has decent speed and acceleration, and even brakes well, but the tradeoff is that it can’t push other vehicles out of the way like other trucks. You will definitely want to add Jump mod to avoid other big trucks.

The cockpit is extremely vulnerable to attack, so you’ll need armor upgrades for the Sasquatch to be effective. That said, you can mod it with a few different types of Ram Weapon, like Love Fist, which will act like a battering ram to hit targets. There are also Kinetic Grenades, which add two front-facing grenade launchers to your truck to attack opponents.

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