The 10 most impressive recreations of film and television locations


The 10 most impressive recreations of film and television locations

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world and the new update 1.20 introduces even more elements like camels, bamboo rafting, etc. Besides fighting monsters and hanging out with friends, some players use it to show off their creativity. Combining her love of movies and TV shows with the endless possibilities in Minecraftsome players have built mind-boggling recreations of movie and TV show sets.

Whether transporting players to the world of Lord of the Rings either Harry Potter, Minecraft fans spend hours trying to perfect each and every detail necessary to make the recreations as believable as possible. Players can explore these beautiful worlds without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.


Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular movie series in the world and so are the iconic locations in the movie. Minas Tirith was the capital of Gondor during the third and fourth ages. Movie fans will recognize this location from the iconic Witch King takedown battle that took place in The Return of the King.

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The faithful recreation in Minecraft was created by EpicQuestz and players can visit the map here. It took over a year for a team of Minecraft builders to complete the entire build. But the end result of the slate-white, multi-level gated city, along with all the tiny houses, was surely worth it.

The Shire of the Lord of the Rings

Each Lord of the Rings fan has wanted at least once to visit the Shire. Although it is a mythical place, even visiting its filming location in New Zealand is on people’s wish lists. But visiting it in real life can take a lot of time and money, but fans can experience it in the comfort of their homes.

This detailed recreation was created by minecraft middle earth and players can visit the map here. One thing to note is that this map cannot be downloaded, although players can hang out with their friends through the server. Interested fans can also help the team complete the Minecraft Middle-earth Project, which aims to recreate the entire Tolkein universe in Minecraft.

star wars death star

The Death Star is one of the most iconic locations in movie history. Even within the movie, building the Death Star was a major challenge, and recreating it in Minecraft it took an excruciating amount of effort.

The entire build has used over 4 million blocks and the time-lapse video above shows the unfathomable amount of work that went into each and every detail. The building was created by decay of paradise and players can download it from here. The ambition of the creator is to recreate all the Star Wars universe in Minecraft.

Landing of the King of Game of Thrones

Minecraft is one of best selling games of all time. King’s Landing from game of Thrones Y dragon house it is both fascinating and terrifying at the same time. This Minecraft city recreation is part of a larger project to recreate all of Westeros in Minecraft and bring George RR Martin’s vision to life.

Created by WesterosCraft, the full build took over 4 months to create by a team of over 100 developers. The city recreation also has more than 3,000 individual buildings. Players can access and download the map from here.

Harry Potter Hogwarts

Every fan of the beloved series has longed for their own invitation to Hogwarts. Although that (most likely) did not happen, fans of the movies and books can visit the iconic school in Minecraft and walk the corridors reliving your childhood memories.

The building was created by Gabel and users can download it from here. Players can visit the great hall, the four common rooms, and the library, among others. The even better news is that the map is continuously updated, adding more accessible areas and details.

The TARDIS from Doctor Who

doctor who it’s a certified classic and who can forget the iconic line, “It’s bigger from the inside.” But while building a real-life TARDIS is impossible (for now), an ingenious Minecraft The player recreated the phone booth/time machine and somehow made it bigger from the inside.

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The building was created by Hello FriendsImAdam and a brief tour of the construction has been uploaded on its YouTube channel. Unfortunately, players are unable to download the map at this time.


be in real life Titanic might not have been a fun experience, but visiting the 1:1 reenactment at Minecraft offers players the opportunity to explore the magnificent ship in a safer space. While it may not be a very comforting sight in what is considered One of the most comforting games that exist.remains an impressive achievement.

Created by Deadkoalas, each and every room inside the ship has been detailed and labeled so players can visit and relive some of the iconic scenes from the movie. The entire construction took over a year to complete. The map can be downloaded from here.

USS Enterprise from Star Trek

Star Trek has one of the most dedicated fans out there, one of those fans, Masswho is also a Minecraft master builder, created a replica of the USS Enterprise within the game.

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This construction also happens to be one of the first Minecraft builds to go viral, it was built using more than 9,000 blocks and in a simpler and older version of the game. But at the time of its release, it was incredibly impressive to watch. Unfortunately, the map is currently not available for download.

Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings

the dwarfs in Lord of the Rings they were known for their workmanship and hospitality in the Mines of Moria, which also happened to be their home. Some fans of the Minecraft franchise were motivated by his workmanship to recreate him in the game. This is even more impressive considering it came out before. the Minecraft Caves and cliffs update.

The construction took more than 3 years and was created by Goldcraft and players can download the map from here. The original build was made over a decade ago, which is why it’s in an older version of the game. But the scale of the construction and the details are quite impressive.

Winterfell from Game of Thrones

“Winter is Coming” has become one of the most well-known phrases in the entire history of television and cinema. Winterfell was the home of the Stark family, a clan that is very important to the history of the iconic show.

While the show has been off the air for several years, fans of the franchise can be transported into the fascinating world of George RR Martin at Minecraft thanks to the compilation created by WesterosCraft. They can even visit the location through your custom server. For people who just want to take a look, there are some Youtube excursions also.

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