How to install Minecraft mods on Windows


How to install Minecraft mods on Windows

Imagine how cool it would be if you could get new materials and blocks in Minecraft, know what the different enchantments do, and have more attractive graphics (and Pokemon). Minecraft mods allow you to do this and more.

In this tutorial, we go through the process of installing such mods on your PC and explain how mods improve your game and prevent it from becoming stale.

What are mods in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game with infinite possibilities, and you will find several minecraft tips and tricks to enhance your Minecraft experience. However, adding mods to the game takes it to a whole new level.

Minecraft mods are little add-ons to the original Minecraft recipe, created by independent creators to alter different aspects of your Minecraft world.

Some mods change the visuals of the game, while others bring minor quality of life changes that make the standard Minecraft experience a bit more efficient for players. Changes can be as small as some basic color corrections and as innovative as a complete overhaul of the game, complete with multiple texture packs, audio files, physical adjustments, and cute hats for your pet! They can also introduce completely new gameplay concepts and elements, such as mobs, locations, layers, and even dimensions to visit.

In addition to adding functionality to the game, there are many mods to fix various bugs in the game, such as the Java multi-item duplication bug or the TnT duplication bug that we all have used incorrectly.

How to install Minecraft mods on Windows

Minecraft does not have a direct option to add mods to the game, and most mods require a third-party mod installer. Forge is one of the most popular mod installers for Minecraft. Some mods, like OptiFine, can be installed directly without Forge. However, almost all mods require you to use Forge or Fabric. We cover three ways to install Minecraft mods that work on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

1. Use CurseForge

Follow the steps below to use the CurseForge third-party app to install mods.

  1. Go to the CurseForge website and download the Windows app.
Download Curse Forge Launcher
  1. Run the installer and wait patiently for the app to install.
Curse Forge installation in progress
  1. Select Minecraft from the list of games.
Start Minecraft using Curse Forge
  1. Click “Browse Modpacks” to continue.
Curse Forge Browse Mod Packs
  1. You will see another long list of Forge based modpacks for Minecraft.
Curse Forge Mod Packs
  1. Select the mod you want to install, then open its page and click “Install”. Wait patiently for the modpack to install on your PC.
Install mod using Curse Forge
  1. Click “Play” and Forge will automatically launch Minecraft from your PC with this mod enabled.
Click on The Three Dots In Curse Forge

2. Install compatible mods directly

While some mods require you to use launchers, other mods like OptiFine can be installed directly. Some mods have the option to install directly or through a launcher. However, if you’re just looking for basic mods, it’s better to install them directly rather than using Forge. Follow these steps to install OptiFine directly:

  1. Discharge OptiFine and run the app.
How to install Minecraft mods on Windows Download Optifine
  1. Once you are on the home screen, double click on your “.minecraft” folder. By default, the location should be “C:\Users\[User_Name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft.” Click “Install”.
How to install Minecraft mods on Windows Install Optifine

Note: if you can’t see your AppData folder, please click “View” in the menu bar and enable “Show -> Hidden Items”.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher, select “OptiFine” from the profiles and press “Play”.
How to install Minecraft mods on Windows Forgeoptifine


3. Use a Custom Launcher

Custom Minecraft launchers, like TLauncher, have built-in options that allow easy installation of mods. These launchers come with Forge preinstalled, so you don’t have to install it. Most launchers also have built-in options for OptiFine. The only downside with custom launchers is that they can take a while to load, but that’s always just a matter of a few seconds.

Our all-time favorite is TLauncher, as it comes with both Forge and OptiFine preinstalled. It also supports one-click installations that make things smooth and save a lot of time.

Follow the steps below to install mods using Tlauncher.

  1. Open TLauncher.
How To Install Minecraft Mods On Windows Tlauncher
  1. Change your version to “Forge.”
How To Install Minecraft Mods On Windows Click On Forge V1
  1. Hit “Enter the game” once it loads.
How To Install Minecraft Mods On Windows Enter The Game
  1. Move the files of the mod you want to install to the “C:\Users\[User_Name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\” folder.
  2. Once your mod is installed, it can be accessed through the Forge profile in TLauncher.

Frequent questions

Are Minecraft mods legal?

Minecraft mods are legal all over the world. Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, allows you to use mods with Minecraft. However, selling modified Minecraft is not legal and can get you into serious trouble. You should be good to go if you are modding just for fun or even distributing the mods for free. Using minecraft mods in single player will not get you banned. However, using certain mods on a server can get you banned from that specific server.

Can Minecraft mods contain viruses?

It’s possible. Mods are especially easy targets for hackers, as they don’t require any additional authentication beyond what happens when you first download and open the file. Anyone with access to your Internet connection can potentially inject malicious code into one of these programs once it loads onto your computer screen!

To protect yourself from viruses, only install mods from trusted sources, such as CurseForge and Modrinth. Install a mod from another site only if that website is dedicated to a specific mod and the mod is not available anywhere else.

Can I still play Minecraft without mods after installing them?

If you can. To play without mods, change the profile to the one you used previously. Your mods will remain installed, but will not be available on any profile except the one you chose to install them on.

Which Minecraft mods are free?

Some of the best free Minecraft mods include:

  • jojo’s bizarre adventure– Adds a new series of quests and a series of characters from the popular manga series.
  • BestFPS: Optimizes game performance.
  • TravelMap: Provides a valuable map tool to explore the world.
  • too much TNT– Adds a variety of new explosives to the game.
  • waila: Gives players valuable information about the blocks around them.
  • Ether: Features a floating paradise filled with flying animals and plants.

Where is the minecraft mods folder on my computer?

On a Windows PC, the Minecraft mods folder is located in the following path: “C:\Users\[User_Name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\.” You can find this folder by opening the Start menu and then typing “%AppData%” in the search bar. Once you’ve opened the AppData folder, navigate to “Roaming -> .minecraft -> mods” to access your mods.

If you’re having trouble finding the AppData folder, you can also try opening it directly from your Minecraft installation folder: open the Minecraft launcher and click “Edit Profile” and then the “Open Game Directory” button.

Why does Modified Minecraft take so long to load?

Modified Minecraft uses more resources than the standard version of the game. When you start Minecraft Modded, the game has to load all the new assets and the code for the mods. The process may take longer than loading the base version, but it is necessary to play the new content. Additionally, some mods require more resources than others, which can also contribute to longer load times.

Image Credit: jovanmanic via pixabay.

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