The 4 easiest farms to build in Minecraft 1.19 for beginners


The 4 easiest farms to build in Minecraft 1.19 for beginners

automatic farms they are one of the best structures Minecraft players can build. They can easily automate many of the tedious parts of the game and free up players for other activities.

Some of them are naturally quite hard to build. However, Minecraft offers a lot for its players to automate and doesn’t require an overly complex system.

Here are some examples of farms that are quite simple to build.

Minecraft auto farms that feature simple construction

4) Foundry

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Foundries aren’t exactly easy to do in Minecraft because they require a lot of items. However, the design is very simple. This is what you will need:

  • Furnace (can be blast furnace)
  • a lot of coal
  • Lots of raw iron or copper
  • three hoppers
  • three chests

To set this up, you first need to start with a chest and a hopper underneath. In the chest, place all the raw materials that need to be smelted. Under the first hopper, connect a furnace. To the left or right of that furnace, add another hopper and a chest connected to it. In that chest, place all the coal.

Under the furnace, place another hopper and a chest below it. This will be to retrieve the cooked items as they finish melting.

As long as you have fuel sources ready to go, this foundry will work until the chests are completely full.

3) wool

A sheep provides wool (Image via FoxCroft 4321 on DeviantArt)
A sheep provides wool (Image via FoxCroft 4321 on DeviantArt)

Wool is quite a valuable item, so fortunately, an automatic farm is quite easy to acquire. This is what you need:

  • A sheep
  • four dispensers
  • Four pressure plates
  • four hoppers
  • four chests
  • 18 fence posts
  • a fence gate
  • several scissors

Make a row of the fence in four blocks, then lay it on its side with five and connect them into a rectangle. Inside, place each of the dispensers along a row of fence posts, with the dispenser end facing out.

Directly in front of them, place the four pressure plates. Later on, place hoppers on the ground with chests attached to them. Close the fence around the sheep and fill the dispensers with scissors.

This will automatically cut the wool every time the Minecraft sheep eats grass.

2) honeycomb

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Honeycomb is a valuable item, although it is difficult to obtain as it requires a hive with several bees living in it. Here are the required items:

  • a hive of bees
  • Scissors
  • a dispenser
  • an observer
  • a hopper
  • a chest
  • red stone (maybe)
  • A bonfire

Place a dispenser next to the bee hive located on the tree. The dispensing side should face the hive with the scissors inside. Beside him, place a spotter so he can see the hive of bees. Connect the dispenser to the observer with redstone, if necessary.

Under the bee hive on the ground, you can place a hopper with a chest. When the bee hive is full of honey, it will automatically drop the honeycombs into the hopper.

Make sure you put the campfire directly under the bee hive, so the bees don’t get mad when you take their comb.

1) Sugar cane farm

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sugar cane farms in Minecraft they are the easiest to do and perhaps the most useful. This is what you need:

  • a sugar cane
  • earth blocks
  • an observer
  • a piston
  • a bucket of water
  • a hopper
  • a chest
  • Red stone

Dig a hole out of a block and put a bucket of water inside. Dig horizontally until the water does not flow to the next block. Replace that block with a hopper and attach it to a chest.

Place the sugar cane in front of the water. Behind him add one Minecraft block (use earth), place the piston and spotter on top facing the sugar cane. Connect them with redstone if necessary. Once the sugar cane grows to three blocks, it will split into one and the items will flow into the hopper.

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