Top 6 Minecraft Servers to Join Minigames in 2022


Top 6 Minecraft Servers to Join Minigames in 2022

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games for several years. After debuting in 2009, the game has gone through several substantial updates to maintain its popularity. However, those updates have largely not affected the game.

Even after 13 years, the main game consists of playing in Survival or Creative. Adventure mode is an option, but it’s often overlooked. That leaves crafters with two main modes to play. They are tremendous fun, but since there are only two options, they can get old. Unfortunately, that’s mostly what the game has to offer.

However, the minigames exist, thanks to servers, which also offer alternative game modes. The minigames are short, fun and provide a unique gaming experience. Here are some servers to join that have good quality minigames:

Minecraft servers for minigames

Here’s a look at six of these servers:

1) Minplex

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Mineplex is one of the most complete minigames minecraft servers out there. If a minigame is created, the Mineplex will most likely make it available to members. They have the following games and genres, each of which has multiple games:

  • Arcade
  • Block search
  • bridges
  • cake wars
  • champions
  • clans
  • draw things
  • Master builder
  • strike of mines
  • sky wars
  • speed builders
  • SMS
  • survival games

Overall Mineplex is a high quality server so expect the minigames available to be the same.

2) hypixel

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Again, one of the best servers overall, Hypixel has great mini game options. The server has some of the most unique games out there such as:

  • run tnt
  • murder mystery
  • build battle
  • party games
  • sky wars
  • sky block
  • bed wars

This server has minigames that many others don’t, making it a top destination for players.

For sheer variety, this is the server to try. Hypixel is widely considered the best server available, and there are many reasons for that. As a result, artisans can expect a great experience and won’t be disappointed.

3) Smash MC Minigame Server

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As the name suggests, this is a destination server for minigames. It’s perhaps most famous for its Pixelmon game modes, but the mini-games featured here are excellent.

A craftsman has a lot to do when playing on this server, which has helped it remain one of the best minigames. Minecraft servers available for some time.

4) CubeCraft

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CubeCraft is not one of the most popular servers out there. However, it is one of the best minigame servers out there. It is one of the few servers that supports Java and Bedrock editions. That kind of accessibility is important for servers that aren’t as popular as others.

Among Slimes is one of their most popular minigames, and it’s one of the most unique minigames any crafter can find. It’s not the only minigame out there, as this server also has a quality lineup.

5) Network Advance

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Advancius self-proclaims that they have tons of quality custom minigames, and their server absolutely backs it up.

They also have community events every weekend so this server is a great community to join. Not only does it have bold and unique Minecraft minigames, it’s a place many crafters call home and feel welcome.

6) motorcycle center

A great server for minigames (Image via MC Central)
A great server for minigames (Image via MC Central)

MC Central is another great option for minigames. It has eight good mini-games that keep players coming back.

It’s kind of a hub for all crafting activity, so anything, and that includes good minigames, can be found here. For that reason, it can be a pretty busy server, but more Minecraft players are usually more fun.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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