How to get and use banner patterns in Minecraft (2022)


How to get and use banner patterns in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft the decoration and customization options are immense, and players can even express themselves through the use of patterned banners. While it is possible to create custom patterns, fans can also find specific skins in-game as loot.

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No matter what pattern a player uses, the combinations that can be made for banners in Minecraft are truly amazing. However, beginners may not be familiar with the process. The same could even be said for veterans who may not have bothered with this particular form of decoration.

Fortunately, the process is quite simple once you get the hang of it. With a bit of knowledge, the help of a particular block, and a few materials, players will create several remarkable banner decorations.

Obtaining and using banner patterns in Minecraft

The loom block in Minecraft is invaluable for creating banner patterns (Image via OMGCraft/YouTube)
The loom block in Minecraft is invaluable for creating banner patterns (Image via OMGCraft/YouTube)

While players can create custom designs on banners, there are also specific patterns and elements that can be used on the loom block. In general, Java Edition has six different patterns, while Bedrock Edition has eight.

Some patterns can be formed through the crafting menu, while others can be obtained by trading with villagers. One, in particular, can be looted.

Patterns obtained through crafts.

  • thing pattern – Paper + Enchanted Golden Apple
  • skull pattern – Paper + Wither Skeleton Skull
  • vine pattern – Paper + Creeper Head
  • flower pattern – Paper + Porthole daisy
  • Field Freemasonry Pattern – Paper + Brick Block (Bedrock Edition only)
  • Indented Bordure Pattern – Paper + Vines (Bedrock Edition only)

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Patterns obtained from trade

  • balloon pattern – Trade with a master level cartographer villager for the price of eight emeralds

Patterns obtained from loot chests

  • muzzle pattern – Found in loot chests inside bastion remnant structures inside the Nether. In the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, the pattern has a 10.1% chance to appear in standard loot chests in strongholds.

Once a Minecraft player has their pattern of choice, they will need to implement it into a banner by using the loom block. To create a loom, you will need two matching wooden plank blocks and two ropes.

Also, a piece of dye of any color will be needed to print the pattern on the banner. Lastly, Minecraft players will need a banner to place on the loom as well so they can integrate their pattern.

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Implementing a banner pattern with the loom

  1. Place your loom block if you haven’t already and right click or hit the “activate” button on your controller.
  2. In the top left slot of the loom, place your banner. Any type of banner will do, regardless of its color or existing designs. Just keep in mind that the pattern will sit on top of the design you’ve already created.
  3. In the top right slot of the loom, select the corresponding dye color. Any color of tint will work perfectly fine, so make sure you pick one that you hope will work in your banner’s color scheme.
  4. In the bottom slot of the loom, place your banner pattern element. Regardless of whether it is crafted, traded, or looted, the skin will transfer to the banner.
  5. Once you have your desired pattern and color, remove the revamped banner from the rightmost slot on the loom.

That’s all about it. Note that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players can also create banner patterns through the crafting table. Once you have your newly printed banner, you can place it as a decoration or combine it with a shield across the workbench. This way, you can protect yourself from danger in style.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul