7 Times Isaac Was Freaking Out That You May Have Missed In Dead Space


7 Times Isaac Was Freaking Out That You May Have Missed In Dead Space

In Dead space, you can rarely trust what you see, unless what you see is a space zombie running towards you. As Isaac travels through the derelict spaceship, the USG Ishimura, there are times when things are not what they seem.

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With the effects of marker activation, it can be impossible to discern what is happening. A quiet whisper, something moving just at the edge of your vision, the scratch of a claw on the other side of the door. You may have missed these hallucinations and more in Dead Space, not knowing which one is real and which one is an illusion.

Some of the hallucinations on this list are major spoilers for Dead Space.


7/7 Nicole audio logs

As you fight for survival against the necromorphs in Ishimura, there are times when Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole helps you, or at least encourages you. Some of these audio logs are the work of the Marker, an alien relic who radiates a signal that causes a variety of medical conditions, including insomnia and depression, eventually escalating to hallucinations, paranoia, and a propensity for violence.

Isaac’s hallucinations begin to manifest shortly after arriving at the Ishimura, with audio logs from Nicole appearing to be actual messages to Isaac and the player. These messages are vague and can be identified by a large amount of static in the audio stream. One of Nicole’s messages reads: “Isaac… where are you? Help me…”

These are hallucinations caused by Marker to help him achieve his ultimate goal of subverting all organic matter to his will.

6/7 the woman who screams

You can find the screaming woman in Dead Space chapter four, Obliteration Imminent. This brief interaction occurs when Isaac takes the main elevator from the bridge to a lower level of the Ishimura. Just before the elevator stops, a terrifying scream from a woman echoes through the ship. The screaming stops just as the elevator stops and Isaac walks out into an empty room. Not even a necromorph was there to greet him.

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This scream could be a number of things, with the most likely being an unlucky survivor being attacked by a space zombie. But with no one in sight and no signs of conflict, the next logical explanation is that there was no screaming and Isaac was hallucinating throughout the entire experience. Perhaps Marker sought to keep Isaac on his toes, or never give him a second of peace while he explored the ship.

5/7 Every time Nicole is on a monitor

We said there were spoilers for Dead Space in this list. Every time you see Nicole on a monitor throughout the game it is Isaac’s hallucination caused by the Marker’s signal. Many times during Isaac’s journey on the Ishimura Nicole will appear on all the monitors around Isaac. This is suspicious on its own, but the Ishimura is a damaged ship, so maybe Nicole can hack the ship’s signal to try to get to Isaac.

While the messages he sends are strange, he may be suffering from the same illness that has taken over the ship. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as it is revealed in the final chapters of the game that Nicole is dead, it was some time before Isaac landed on the Ishimura.

4/7 Text marker on monitors

Just as Nicole will appear to Isaac on the monitors, Marker will communicate with Isaac through the same monitors. Appearing as bright red text on a glitchy background, these episodes represent cryptic messages.

Messages in the Marker language, typically drawn in blood and gore, can be found throughout the Ishimura. There are many messages shown to Isaac across the screens, some more consistent than others. Some of these messages include: “Sacrifice is inevitable”, “Fear not. It is only death”, and “Ships come for the chosen ones”.

3/7 fading man

Appearing in Chapter Four, the disappearing man describes the mysterious encounter Isaac has while searching for the Communications Array. After stepping off an elevator, a hunched-over man stands just inside an open door. As Isaac approaches, he turns down the hall and the door closes behind Isaac.

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Opening the door and walking down the hall reveals no person, no recently killed body, but a single roaming Necromorph. You can shoot the fading man all you want, but it won’t hurt him, which further solidifies the fact that this incident is a hallucination brought on by the Marker’s disease.

2/7 the whispers

Almost from the moment Isaac steps on the Ishimura, you can hear the voices creeping on the outskirts of Isaac’s mind. Between the human survivors, the radio messages, the audio logs, and the necromorph attacks, there is rarely a moment of silence for Isaac to listen to the whispers that slowly tug at the edges of his mind. But, if you can find a moment of peace, you can hear the low voices creeping in.

Sometimes it is one voice, other times many. Whispers can talk about ship functions or sometimes about a member of the crew. Occasionally, the voices will try to inspire Isaac with messages like “Death is the beginning”, “Do you love me?” and “Don’t leave me here.”

1/7 protecting nicole

In hindsight, it should be obvious that every interaction with Nicole is a hallucination, but in Chapter Seven, titled Into the Void, you must protect Nicole from necromorphs while helping Isaac through Maintenance Bay. If you don’t, you fail the chapter and have to restart, making a convincing argument that maybe this Nicole is real.

While the illusion is broken when you discover that Nicole is already dead, this event is an extremely convincing interaction that tricks the player into thinking that maybe everything is going to be okay and that the previous interaction with Nicole was just a freak coincidence.

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