10 tips to create the perfect Minecraft server


10 tips to create the perfect Minecraft server

The creative freedom of Minecraft it expands exponentially when people play together. This makes sense, since people use their imaginations in different ways. But for PC gamers, getting together for a game of Minecraft It is server based, so many people choose to create their own.

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While creating a Minecraft The server is relatively straightforward, tweaking it is where the real effort is spent. Making a server popular is hard work, but taking the time to get each step of the process right will pay off in the end and lead to a thriving server for all players to enjoy.

10/10 Get the best hosting option

The first and perhaps most crucial step in creating a Minecraft server is to select a hosting option. While it is possible to self-host or purchase domains, paying for a hosting service offers the most flexibility. This allows easy customization of the server, as well as The installation of Minecraft many modifications.

The good news is that the ubiquity of Minecraft it means that there are many server hosts to choose from. Whether the primary factor is price, the number of players it can support, modability, or ease of use, there is a host that is perfect for the job. Companies like Hostinger, Apex Hosting, and ScalaCube can cater to a variety of needs.

While you don’t need a high-end custom gaming PC to host a Minecraft server, it is also not recommended to use a dusty old laptop. This is especially important if the PC that will host the server is the same PC that the players intend to play on. In general, the more maps, game modes, and players the server hosts, the more demanding it will be on the machine.

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With this in mind, it’s best to use the best hardware available, but players should keep in mind that there’s no need to break the bank. Something as simple as using an Ethernet cable for a wired Internet connection can greatly improve server performance, and soon it will be time to enjoy Minecraft amazing natural world.

8/10 Make sure you have all the correct programs

It is important to make sure that Java is installed. After all, is named Minecraft: Java Edition. If Java is already installed, check the Java website or open Java to make sure it is up to date with the latest version to ensure that Minecraft you won’t run into any problems.

It is also recommended that beginners verify that their server host of choice is running Debian or Ubuntu. These motors are much better for beginners as they are much more manageable and allow for a more stable learning experience.

7/10 Try the server files first

Countless guides break down step by step the process of installing and running the server files for the first time. Be sure to follow them carefully, because while these guides are very detailed, making a mistake here can mess up your server and be a pain to fix later.

It’s also smart to run ping tests and periodically try to log in to the server to make sure everything is working before moving on to a new project within the server. This may take longer, but a bug-free launch will distinguish the server from others available.

6/10 Know what you want to host

There are many game options that can be run on a Minecraft server. Everything from basic survival and creative modes to classic mini-games like skyblock, spleef, and the battle royale based on The Hunger Games. While it’s possible to host all of this and more, when creating a server, it’s much smarter to focus on a single game mode.

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By working on a single game instead of trying to create multiple games, gamers can focus their efforts on creating a fun and highly functional game that stands out from the crowd. It will lighten the workload, and a polished game is much better than a dozen sloppy mods.

5/10 Build a unique center to stand out

The first thing that is new Minecraft players come when they come in, the server should be memorable, it gives them a reason to stay. A fun way to do this is to create a player hub that sets you apart from other servers, with areas to explore or maybe something fun like an obstacle course for them to use while waiting for their friends or joining a game.

With a little inspired creativity, taking the time to make the lobby unique and different will give the server its own identity from the start. It will look much better than a flat world with a few doors to different games. With the right aesthetic, it will help attract more players.

The server must invite from the beginning. Every player, whether his first time playing Minecraft or their millionth, they should feel welcome. This must be specified explicitly, either in the rules or even in the server name.

To ensure players feel safe, regardless of their age, race, or gender, it’s important to work together to stop any potential harassment. Let people know that your server creator is there to help them. They will appreciate it and the server will gain a good reputation as a positive space.

Minecraft has a good track record with social media, and this is something any successful host should take advantage of. Whether using a personal account or creating one dedicated to the server, promoting it on social media will help attract and retain players.

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A great first step would be to create a Discord server for players to use to communicate on the server and keep in touch with whatever friends they may make. This will help foster a greater sense of community outside of the server itself and give you a bigger presence. Broadcasting on YouTube and posting “Let’s Plays” or other videos wouldn’t hurt either.

2/10 Create a system of rules and moderators to enforce them

There are many unspoken rules of Minecraft, but a good server needs to have very clear and defined rules. More importantly, these rules must also be applied. Therefore, it would be a good idea to consider hiring some moderators. They can be friends, server volunteers, or even paid workers, but they have to be there.

Your role may fluctuate, but it is imperative to have moderators available to answer questions and enforce server rules. If players know that the rules aren’t just flavor text, but firm standards, they’ll feel safer from trolls or the afflicted and have a better time overall.

1/10 Be present and pay attention

Last but not least, it is essential that the creator of the server is present on the server. They should be there watching people play or join in the fun, making sure the rules are followed, and listening to players with their questions, suggestions, or complaints.

A server without the continuous attention of its creator will not grow, it will only slowly decay. If the server creator stays and works to improve the server, the players will know they are there and care about them. The presence of the server creator changes the entire atmosphere of the server for the better.

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