How to get the Batmobile in Minecraft


How to get the Batmobile in Minecraft

The newest DLC for Minecraft gives players the opportunity to fight crime using the Batmobile in a blocky world familiar but different from Batman.

The newest downloadable content for the ever popular Minecraft sees players enter a world straight out of the DC Comics universe, where they can battle the criminal underworld of Batman’s Gotham City in the iconic Batmobile. the bat Man DLC offers players the opportunity to fight crime en bloc Minecraft, which features an open world full of mission objectives to really give you the feeling of becoming the best detective in the world. With such an expansive environment to explore, players may want to discover the Batmobile, Batman’s signature method of traversing Gotham’s crime-ridden streets.


The adventure begins in Minecraft bat Man DLC through the Batcave, Batman’s base of operations to tackle the plans of nefarious supervillains like Penguin and Mr. Freeze. The main narrative surrounds the Joker’s kidnapping of Alfred, who was taken to the twisted version of the Nether from Arkham Asylum. In order for players to rescue the butler, they must travel the streets of Gotham and locate the villain locations Minecraft‘s bat Man downloadable content and collect their obsidian blocks in tough boss battles.

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Although the Batmobile is the best tool players can use when traveling the wide expanses of Gotham City’s roads, there are several gadgets that also help players when moving through alleys or on rooftops. Defeating villains in the main narrative also grants players new tools, adding expansive tools to players’ tool belts. The Batmobile also doesn’t prevent players from taking on risk, as the city has a plethora of thugs, mobsters, and gangs occupying every corner of Gotham. Familiar mobs take the place of these enemies, but with the Minecraft 1.20 upgrade mobs on the horizon, there may be more variance than players expect.

Unlocking the Batmobile in the Minecraft Batman DLC

The Batmobile in Minecraft‘s bat Man downloadable content can be found in the Batcaverevealed on the main platform after players press a button near a hologram vehicle with Lucius Fox. The main contraptions turn the Batmobile upside down in front of the Batcomputer and direct players to the waterfall that hides the Batcave. A short tutorial explaining how to use Batman’s grappling hook precedes the walkthrough to the Batcave, but once there, players can easily access the Batmobile without the difficulty they might encounter through Riddler puzzles.

Though players may want to explore all of Gotham using the Batmobile before jumping into the familiar yet. different new biomes of Minecraft‘s Nether, there are many ways to get lost in Gotham without understanding how the Batmobile travels. Similar to riding a pig with a carrot on a stick, or a horse on a Minecraft, the Batmobile moves quickly and instantly traverses one-block surfaces to climb the sidewalks of Gotham City. Players can use a city map while simultaneously driving, giving them a chance to take things slow while familiarizing themselves with the Batmobile’s controls on the road. Minecraft‘s bat Man DLC.

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