Minecraft’s wandering merchants make a strong case for more random events


Minecraft’s wandering merchants make a strong case for more random events

As Minecraft has been out of beta for 11 years as of 2022, most of its players are pretty tuned in to the unique experience it offers now. No matter how fans play, the modes offered and the challenges players face have remained more or less the same, aside from any mods or resource packs players have added to spice things up.

Needless to say, the overall gameplay cycle of Minecraft It’s been the same for quite a long time. The game has some events that are aimed at surprising the player, such as wandering merchants that appear near them from time to time if they are lucky, with some other events that happen so rarely that they can surprise unsuspecting players the first time they are encountered. . Nevertheless, Minecraft could benefit from having a few random events more than just an occasional trader.


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The Minecraft Game Loop

Minecraft in itself it is quite simple; It is exactly what the title suggests. Players can mine and players can create. The default way players can experience the game is through survival mode where they get the chance to die to enemies and hazards in their randomly generated worlds, with creative mode offering a less stressful way to explore and build with the materials the game provides. Some mods and even official DLC for the game change this, but for the most part, there isn’t much change in what fans experience between games and worlds.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some gamers may have found the same gameplay loop to be quite monotonous in recent years. Minecraft it’s a fun game to come back to, but there can only be a limited number of times that fans really enjoy exploring a new world without too many changes. This may be in part because the mod scene for Minecraft it’s so big. Although players love to explore its worlds, some players may wish for at least something different as they explore the game’s many biomes again. This is where adding random events can help.

Random events in Minecraft

The Wandering Trader is currently the only truly random encounter Minecraft has, and some people still get excited to see it coming every morning. Other possible encounters may seem like they are random occurrences, like the Skeleton Horsemen or Phantoms, but they actually have conditions set that can cause them to trigger. Skeletal Horsemen have a chance to spawn whenever lightning strikes, and ghosts spawn when a player hasn’t slept or died in three game days. The same goes for all other mobs Minecraft offers.

Considering that the game mostly consists of the same daily routine as mine, crafting, exploring, and sleeping dangerous nights, having more unexpected events could keep even the most experienced players on their toes. It could also bring to life a gameplay cycle that fans have known about for over a decade, in more ways than new annual mobs. like the tracker to have. Even something as simple as spawning lost rare items or using a luck stat to change a cave system into one full of challenging enemies and plenty of rewards could add a new depth to survival mode. After so long, a change could be exactly what fans need to get excited about spawning new worlds.

Minecraft It’s no stranger to change, as the game has seen updates quite frequently, with large-scale updates changing key parts of the game every one to two years. With the Caves and cliffs updatethe caves of Minecraft they were changed to reflect the incredible underground systems that can be found in real life. This update not only added new creatures, but also changed the minerals in the game. Since the title undergoes constant readjustment for the sake of improvement, perhaps random events could be one of these future additions.

While many fans would welcome random events, some may not enjoy the idea of ​​the world of Minecraft increasingly unpredictable. After all, it’s already home to enemies that tend to surprise players as it is, like vines and the skeleton archers. In times of bad luck due to both new and existing events, the game can become a less relaxing and more frustrating experience. Still, like many of Minecraft options, random events could easily become a toggle that fans can turn off whenever they want.

Minecraft It is available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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