Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Oct 2022)


Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Oct 2022)

The sandbox game Minecraft it is a treasure of creativity. With the click of a button, you can instantly create multiple sandbox locations to play in, complete with complex yet easy-to-understand underlying game mechanics to explore further. For java edition Players, look no further than this article if you need new locations to visit this month. From cool looking islands and 167 ancient cities to resource filled survival islands, here are some of the best. Minecraft Java Edition 1.19 October 2022 seeds.

1. Scenic Jungle Island Seed

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Oct 2022)

From Reddit User u/ExOMaXX A beautiful jungle island arrives right at the spawn. In the place you can easily find rivers as well as lush caves and cliffs. Meanwhile, the neighboring island has Badlands surrounded by coral. You can also find villages a couple 1,200 blocks away. A pretty neat place to spend an afternoon.

2. 167 Ancient Cities Clustered Seed

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Oct 2022)

  • Seed: -4990892028200174228

u/Schattenfang he named this Great Biome seed as Schulk Nightmare. This is not surprising since, as you can see above, they counted that there should be 167 Ancient cities not far from each other. You can see two Strongholds near the Ancient Cities, and the middle one can be found at X: -3,260 Z: 6,836 coordinates.

3. Ocean Ruins in a Beach Seed

Overground Ocean Ruins Minecraft Seed

  • Seed: -7316121797709509038

Another cool looking island you can try is this seed from u/CorianderBubby. You can find Ocean Ruins on a beach with a large plateau dominating the area at coordinates -538, -327.

4. Huge mangrove swamp seed

  • Seed: 4025804172371830787

Courtesy of YouTube user Progamer Playz, you’ll appear on the shoreline of an extensive Mangrove swamp. This is a pretty wide area and a good one if you are looking for a mangrove swamp.

5. Large Mangrove Swamp Island Seed

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Oct 2022)

  • Seed: -1381486679527427600

Across the ocean from the spawn point, players will find a large island with the standard and Mangrove Swamp variants on its landmass. This island can be found at (-465 65 1064). For more interesting October 2022 Java Swamp seeds, take a look our Minecraft 1.19: Best Swamp Seeds guide.

6. Exposed mineshaft with platform seeds

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Oct 2022)

  • Seed: 6495332344805432415

reddit user u/tars2023 Found this interesting looking cave with an exposed Mineshaft with chunks of slime and mysterious hanging platforms. Explore this unique underground area by heading to coordinates -2500, -3700.

7. Lush Mountain Cave Seed Exposed

Lush minecraft cave

This seed of you/Beefy_Nad should work for both Base Y Java. Just go to coordinates X:-150 Z:-700, and you should be able to find the beautiful Lush cave with a mansion on your way.

8. 14 diamond veins in survival seed

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Oct 2022)

  • Seed: -142417893778538514

By playing in this survival island seed, u/KyngKMC end up discovering a huge vein of diamonds. To follow in his footsteps, you can go to coordinates -210, -54, 258 and other veins at coordinates -221 -44 251 to discover the riches for yourself.

9. Village and fortress in Spawn Survival Island Seed

  • Seed: 6168669096356993368

Speaking of the amazing survival island, you should try your best. Minecraft Java seed for October 2022. You can easily discover Stronghold, Ancient City with an End Portal inside, all in spawn. Then travel about 200 blocks to find an ocean monument and about 1,000 blocks to find a Mushroom Island.

10. Woodland Mansion and Ancient City Seed

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (Oct 2022)

  • Seed: 5705783928676095273

reddit user u/cracked magnet brings us a rather rare seed: Woodland Mansion (X:88 Z:120) with Ancient City (X:152 Z:72) below it and a Village near them that works for both. Base Y Java. Then you can also find a Stronghold (X:1316 Z:-720), as well as another Mansion (X:728 Z:-568) and Village (X:-320 Z:-480). It is definitely a unique seed that deserves to be part of your collection.

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (Oct 2022)

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