New mobs that should appear in Minecraft


New mobs that should appear in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best games on the market because it allows players immerse yourself completely in a fictional world. Acting as a sandbox game, Mojang developers have regularly tried to further improve the game to appease and excite its fans.

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One of the most popular updates around MinecraftThe evolution of has seen a variety of new mobs being added to the game. Mojang offers its fans the chance to vote for what they want next, but this will always result in one or two candidates being ruled out. Creatures are constantly being added to the game world, but certain mobs are much more desired than others.


9/9 a pet dragon

By defeating the Ender Dragon in combat, the player will be rewarded with a Dragon Egg. After claiming this item, many flocked to their nearest crafting bank to discover the means of hatching it but sadly doing so was impossible. However, a future update could finally make players’ dreams come true, but only if this pet dragon has a purpose.

Unlike its mother, the pet dragon could be a suitable size, allowing it to travel alongside the player on their adventures. He could use his fire-breathing abilities to attack hostile mobs while rising from a safe height, making cave exploration a much less dangerous task.

8/9 meerkats

minecraft land is admired by fans of the franchise for letting them have a say in upcoming updates to the game. Back in 2018, the developers asked fans which biome they thought was most deserving of an update, with Desert being one of three options.

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If fans voted to update the desert instead of the Taiga and Savannah biomes, they would have received an adorable mob along with a much-needed biome update. Unfortunately, the meerkat didn’t fit the bill, but that doesn’t negate the possibility of it returning in the future.

7/9 koala

Aside from the Panda, there are very few mobs in Minecraft that interact with the environment in which they are found. Often the location of a mob in a particular area will make no sense or reason, but a koala could finally change this fact. When found, they can be seen climbing the trees in their habitat before finding a comfortable place to rest.

Koalas are commonly found in eucalyptus forests, so introducing them would require a new biome to be implemented as well. His inclusion could pave the way for other creatures native to this biome to join the series as well.

6/9 owls

Minecraft has incorporated a variety of airborne species into its world’s upper atmosphere throughout its evolution, but most of these are hostile and will not interact politely with the player. Parrot peat is perhaps the only true means of harvesting a friendship in the airbut this deserves to be changed.

The owl is a loyal companion to those it deems worthy, so its potential to be a faithful pet is indisputable. Like the parrot, the owl could perch on the player’s shoulder while exploring, flying off only to briefly survey its surroundings. Being nocturnal animals, these feathered pets would only be detectable after dark.

5/9 hamsters

The introduction of the Axolotl marked the first instance where a player could carry an animal in their inventory, excluding the less alive chicken egg. With this new feature, the developers have opened up a world of possibilities for the future of mobs in their games.

The introduction of hamsters could provide the player with an extremely charming means of companionship. These nocturnal creatures could follow their owner across the vast world until dawn, where they would promptly drop to the ground for a 12-hour nap. To save the player the arduous task of waiting for him to wake up, he could simply place them in his inventory to continue his adventures.

4/9 sharks

The vast oceans of Minecraft they pose surprisingly little threat to the player unless, of course, one comes across an Ocean Monument. However, the danger it harbors is confined beneath its thick walls, allowing the player to quickly swim away if not up to the challenge.

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Many threats lurk below the surface of the earth’s crustSo why not apply the same treatment to the sea? The shark could inhabit the deepest parts of the ocean, which makes finding one a difficult task. Sharks are able to smell blood from great distances, so they may only take an interest in the player after they’ve taken damage.

3/9 copper golem

having been expelled from the update of caves and cliffs, the future of the Copper Golem is currently unknown. Similar to the Iron Golem in appearance, this statue-like being is a terrifying sight to behold, but fans of Minecraft they may never get to see it for themselves.

The Copper Golem was said to come with some interesting features. His fascination with the mineral from which it is made would lead him to manipulate the copper scattered throughout the world. It could even interact with certain copper objects, making it an unusual substitute for Redstone.

2/9 domesticated dogs

The wolf has turned the basic element of a happy Minecraft home, but fans of the franchise are eager to see it improved. The only aspect of the wolf that can be customized is its collar, which makes sense considering it’s a wild animal, but perhaps more needs to be done with this fan-favorite mob.

A new type of canine will be implemented and while many would argue that a domesticated dog has no place in MinecraftIn the forest-ravaged world, his introduction would be well received by fans around the world.

1/9 Mooblooms

Limited to your representation in minecraft land, Moobloom has never had a chance to appear as a mob in the original game. These flower-infested bovines are commonly found in the Flower Forest Biomes, so their transition to Minecraft would be an easy feat to accomplish.

The Moobloom embraces nature and all the animals that inhabit it. His reveal during the “Minecraft Live: Vote for the Moobloom!” The event saw one of these friendly yellow creatures enjoying the company of a nearby bee, making it one of the less hostile presences in the game.

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