How to defeat Shadow Wakaba in Persona 5: Royal


How to defeat Shadow Wakaba in Persona 5: Royal

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At this point in persona 5 royal, You have passed through your fourth dungeon to steal the heart of futaba sakura, Sojiro’s adopted daughter, to free her from her burden of guilt over her mother’s death. Unfortunately, to do that, you will have to fight the boss. of his pyramidal palacebut it’s not really Futaba, it’s his mother, Wakaba Isshiki.

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The dungeon is a bit depressing, but if it means helping Futaba, the Phantom Thieves will give her everything they’ve got. If you need a little help getting through this famously tough and emotional struggle, we’ll walk you through it.


preliminary information

What Shadow Wakaba lacks in weaknesses, she definitely makes up for in attacks, so taking her on in combat won’t be easy. She takes a second before heading into the boss fight to make sure her bases are covered.

You’ll almost certainly take a fair amount of damage in the fight ahead, so make sure you have a healer on your team, as well as a collection of status ailment healing and cancellation items. Since physical attacks are the ticket to the latter part of the fight, someone with strong physical attacks like RyĆ«ji it will definitely come in handy.

During both stages of the fight, Shadow Wakaba will be able to use the following attacks:

Attack Effect
Blow Heavy physical damage to one enemy.
sphinx stroke Medium physical damage to all enemies.
wings explosion Medium wind damage to all enemies with a low chance to inflict motion sickness.
hideous scream Medium chance to inflict Desperation on all enemies.
rapid ascent Flying into the sky and becoming invincible for one to three turns.
Diving with the sphinx Severe physical damage to all enemies, after using Quick Ascent.
Megidolaon Severe and almighty damage to all enemies.*

*Only if his attack part of the fight has lasted long enough. She saves this for last.

get to the fight

Seeing that his group didn’t really find the treasure itself last time, you still have a bit of work to do before your boss fights. Fast travel to the Corridor Summit security room and ride the elevator.

Go up the stairs until you can choose the direction, then turn to the left. Straight takes you into several shadows, and with a tough fight ahead, you’ll wish you’d conserved your HP and SP if fighting them, so it’s easier to sneak past.

Staying to the left is generally the way to go, but there is one last treasure chest if you sneak to the right. The exit, however, is further ahead, so head to the treasure room for one last scene before the fight begins.

First stage

Your fight with Shadow Wakaba begins with her flying around the pyramid, and your attacks won’t deal much damage here. Since nothing will do too much right now, your best bet at this stage is polishing your defense if possible, protecting against his attacks and the infliction of status ailments when he uses them, and cicatrization yourselves.

The real focus right now is bidding your time and keeping everyone alive, because eventually, Shadow Wakaba will fly through the air and disappear

It’s obviously not gone, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do to harm it right now. She, however, is charging for a massive attack, then takes a lap or two to heal everyone in the party as much as possible.

After, make everyone block on the second or third turn before Shadow Wakaba unleashes his Sphinx dive.

Even with the team defending, this attack will still hurt, a lot. Depending on your difficulty, your mileage may differ, but anyone above half HP should be left alive, so plan accordingly in the turns leading up to the dive bomb attack.

The good news is that you now have an extra hand in the fight after surviving this attack. Futaba enters his own palace while fighting his shadow mother, and after a cutscene, she awakens her Persona, Necronomicon.

Now, Futaba will help you in fights.. Adding her to the team takes you to the next phase of the fight against Shadow Wakaba.

After the awakening of the Necronomicon

With Futaba on her team, she uses her computer skills to hack a crossbow to his palace for you.

Shooting it requires send one of your teammates to take the shot, which takes a few turns. Without much, you can do without the crossbow and take the time to heal after that last Divebomb.

Once the ballista is fired, Shadow Wakaba will drop for a few turns. While she’s on the ground like this, Physical and weapon attacks do approximately 5 times more damage. like they did from a distance, so lay her down with everything you got before she gets up again.

And get up again, she will. You will have to do this whole process twiceas Shadow Wakaba gets up and begins to fly once more. As before, you can’t damage it while it’s flying., so don’t waste the SP. Focus on healing and weakening defenses for now and wait until the second ballista shot takes her down a second time.

When your health is depleted enough, you will enter a heist scene, where you fire the final shot to defeat Shadow Wakaba for good.

You’ll see a magnificently moving cutscene, immediately followed by an anime segment of your frantic escape from the palace as it collapses behind you. It turns out that Futaba was the treasure of her own palace, and stealing her means the palace will be gone. enjoy the scene of your team in the race, then enjoy biding your time until Futaba wakes up from her exhausting sleep at the end of her deadline to join the Phantom Thieves for good.

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