Everything you need to know about recent big Minecraft news


Everything you need to know about recent big Minecraft news

A camel walks up a snowy mountain in Minecraft.

Screenshot: Microsoft/Kotaku

Mojang broadcast its annual event live Minecraft live update event on October 15. With it came a wealth of details on what the sandbox game’s developers have so far only identified as the 1.20 update.

1.20 won’t be fully released until an unspecified date in 2023, and its developers haven’t mentioned a possible name or theme like they have. with past updates. However, they established, encouragingly in Home Goods, that it was important for the update to allow players to “express themselves in their own unique and beautiful ways.”

Or, “We want to do Minecraft Minecraft-ier,” said developer Agnes Larsson.

Although some aspects of the creative-focused update remain a mystery, the 1.20 beta will be released in “a few days.” To prepare you, I’ll tell you what we know so far and review the few intriguing questions. extras that Mojang also included in their live stream, like another minecraft dungeon theme and a DLC in the form of a bat.

let’s talk camel

But first, camel. Of all the announced update skins, it seems people are the most excited. To worship the next cake-faced camels and appreciating their lanky bodies..

Camel mobslike horses, they will serve as a means of transportation for players, but they have some unique characteristics:

  • Two players can travel at the same time.
  • Camels will generally move slower than horses.
  • A word of warning: camels can traverse flat surfaces to clear ravines or rivers, or run to avoid enemies.
  • To breed them, you feed them prickly cacti

They’re remarkably adorable, but they’re not the only notable upgrade aspect. Mojang also announced:

  • Seven new default skins: describing it as part of his focus on player creativity and expression, Minecraftdevelopers announced additional default skins. These skins add different skin tones, hair colors, though generally the same blocky features (it’s a blocky game) to players’ starting options.
  • royal bookshelves you can interact with
  • Bamboo — this material can be used to create buildings or rafts for cruisewater bodies
  • hanging signs for bragging business (or whatever you want)

minecraft dungeons goes halloween

Outside of the 1.20 update, Minecraft the developers revealed that the sibling of the flagship game’s dungeon crawler minecraft dungeon, first released in 2020, would get some Halloween additions. This includes some spooky outfits, like the Hungriest Horror Armor set, the covert armor set (free) and a minecraft dungeons Heroes Skin Pack to play dress up every day.

Additionally, the game’s third seasonal adventure-themed event, Fauna Faire, start on October 19. It has a nature theme, and will add some free tree-hugging content and cosmetics to the game, as well as a spooky Phantom Familiar pet.

gotham knights Watch out-Minecraft now has a Batman DLC

MinecraftThe Batman DLC will let you take down fan-favorite villains like Harley Quinn, the Joker, and the Riddler with puzzle solving. and combat. It also features a sprawling Gotham City like never before seen, like a series of towering cubes. We should demolish all the pre-war buildings and compact them into cubes.

The DLC will be available on October 18, but a Batman cap is already available for free in the character creator.

minecraft legends will be released in 2023

Finally, Minecraft the developers provided an in-depth look and demo of minecraft legendsa spin-off of a previously announced strategy game this summer.

The pleasantly pastoral game will include four-player co-op and will release in spring 2023.

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