1v1 LoL Best Settings – Keyboard, Controller & Mobile


1v1 LoL Best Settings – Keyboard, Controller & Mobile

1v1.lol is an online shooter game that allows you to build platforms. The mechanics of the game is similar to that of Fortnite. And the platform building system is quite similar to that of Fornite. But it doesn’t have the skins, emotes, dances, etc. that has Fortnite. So if you are bored with the additional features that Fortnite has, 1v1.lol is the best option for you. And just like Fortnite, you need to have the best 1v1.lol setup to make sure you stand up to the competition.

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Why the best setup for 1v1.lol?

Here the player can select the mod or go to the settings.
The lobby of 1v1.lol.

In 1v1.lol, there are different game modes. It has a battle royale mode, with the last man standing. Or if you’re in the mood for a 1v1, it also has a quick 1v1 mod. In addition, it has different modes, such as friendly 1v1 or 2v2, competitive 1v1 or 2v2. Apart from these, 1v1.lol has the “JustBuild” mod to practice building. Aim Trainer helps improve aim. While the party mode is for private games with friends. Whichever mod you choose, you will have 3 weapons and platforms available to build.

Now, whether you’re playing competitively or against a friend to prove who’s the better player, you’ll need to up your game. For that, you will need to have full control over the platforms. This includes easy access to the different platform creation options and the edition key. But that alone is not important. How you control your player and how quickly you can build or adapt will affect your chances of winning.

Best builds in 1v1 LoL

To be honest, the best settings are the ones you feel comfortable playing with. But sometimes, you’re doing it wrong. For example, there may be a better key placement for platforms, but you assume what you’re doing is perfect. That’s where we come in. We have some of the best keyboard, controller, and smartphone setups. We even have settings for Overwatch, a hero shooter FPS game. Now, these settings ensure that you have full control over your player’s movement and actions. And that you have all the actions available with a short stroke for your fingers. Then let’s get started.

1v1 LoL Keyboard and Mouse Settings

keyboard configuration
Keyboard settings include build settings, weapons, and mouse sensitivity.

The best mouse and keyboard setup for 1v1.lol should include easy access to all build options. Whether you’re building a wall or a ramp, they need to be there for you to press down on. For the mouse, the sensitivity should be in the middle of high and low. In the middle so you can easily get to the highest sensitivity and make your build process faster. If you have already been playing Fortnite and are switching to 1v1.lol then you will be used to your old setup. For that, you can use the mouse sensitivity website to change your Fortnite sensitivity to 1v1.lol.

Anyway, back to the settings. This is what you should do,

In this configuration, the keys are not bound to the closest random keys. They are tied to a plan. WASD is what most players use to go forward, backward, left, and right respectively. So these are not changed. For the spike, the F key is changed to 1. This is because the F key is used to edit walls and ramps. Why use the F key? It’s just 1 key away from your typical hand position. Pressing it will be easier for new players. For the rest of the weapons, Shotgun, AR and Sniper, they are at 2, 3 and 4 respectively. You can change them as you like.

Now onto the important part, the builds. Builds are easily bound to each key. A typical gamer will find it easier to press Q and E than other keys. So Ramp and Wall are linked with these keys respectively. For the flat and the cone you have C and V respectively. And that’s it for the keys.

For mouse sensitivity, we have both at 25% sensitivity. Target sensitivity is 50% and sniper sensitivity is 100%.

Not sure which mouse to buy? Check out these articles on Minecraft Dream and Valorant Wardell game builds to get an idea.

1v1 controller setup.lol

Controller setup is compatible with PS and Xbox controllers
For the controller, you can choose any PS or Xbox controller

One nice thing about 1v1.lol is that it has native controller support. You don’t have to download mods to use your controller on it. That has helped gamers who love to use controllers. The best settings for drivers are quite different. We explain it to you little by little, this is how it works. .

One of the changes you can make to the controller settings is to use the right joystick button to jump. The right stick is the best option as it is accessible. Other than that, while building, you can use R1 for cones, R2 for walls, L1 for floor, and L2 for ramp. You will use the walls and ramps more, that’s why they are in the L2 and R2 places. The rest of the settings can be whatever you want.

For sensitivity, we went with 55% sensitivity with 33% aiming sensitivity. The value of the Build Multiplier can be 2.6 and the value of the Edit multiplier can be 2.3. We like to play with Aim Assist off, but you can turn it on if your aim isn’t that great. Be sure to check out our guide on the best controller settings for CyberPunk 2077

Mobile setup 1v1.lol

HUD has old and new settings.
HUD settings depend on your style of play. We have selected the old school HUD settings.

1v1.lol is available on the Android and iOS app stores. It is free for everyone but the game has a lot of ads.

Regardless, when it comes to mobile setup, the way you place buttons on your HUD can drastically change your game. We have the old school build for him as it keeps the HUD clear and you can focus on your enemy instead of your HUD.

On the left side, above the joystick, are the four build options. Further to the left we have preserved the wall and the ramp. They will be closest to your left thumb. Above is the placement or firing button. And next to it is the switch button. You will access these with your left index finger.

On the right side of the thumb, we have the button to jump, crouch, edit and place or shoot. With these, you will have to look around with your right thumb.

This configuration is commonly known as the three-finger configuration. As you have, you use your left thumb, left index finger, and right thumb.

Sensitivity settings for mobile version
The mobile also has Sensitivity settings. Be sure to select those that you feel comfortable with.

Now for sensitivity, we have touch sensitivity at 65 and aim sensitivity at 50. Remember that sniper sensitivity should be at 100. As for others, you can turn gaze acceleration on or off depending on your playstyle . Aim assist is a good option that will help you a lot. For Auto Shoot, it’s up to you. But with our HUD location, auto fire won’t make a difference.

There you go. These are the best 1v1.lol builds that have helped us when playing against random or having friendly matches. You can have your setup however you see fit as we all have a different style of play. But we are sure that if you follow our style of play, you will surely improve from what you were before.

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