The best axes in Elden Ring


The best axes in Elden Ring

elden ring gives fans of the series more options to customize their Tarnished than ever before, including an excellent array of axes for hacking and chopping down bosses. If you’re looking for a way to stagger enemies while dealing massive amounts of damage, then look no further.. Axes generally require an investment in Strength, so be prepared to reallocate your levels using rebirth with Rennala if you focused your points elsewhere.

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While big axes can be cumbersome and slow, there are several options of different weights, each with their own prerequisites to wield them effectively. Thankfully, Elden Ring subverts the traditional requirements to include more Pure Force builds into the axe-swinging fun, so don’t be put off if you’re not too keen on changing your build. Those of you who love the Force will definitely have an advantage in wielding big axes, so expect some exemplary options in your quest for the best ax in the Elden Ring.


10/10 Great Rotten Ax — 30 STR, 10 DEX

The Rotten Greataxe is an excellent alternative to standard big axes, as it comes equipped with the ability to inflict the Scarlet Rot stack with each hit. The 30 Strength requirement is moderate, but unfortunately scales better with Dexterity (D scale) than Strength (E scale) at the base level.

On the other hand, Rotten Greataxe can be infused with Ashes of War to increase its damage with an additional effect of your choice. If you’re using the ax as a means of inflicting status, then you should aim to use Poison, Cold, or Bleed effects, as the first two add a second status in addition to Scarlet Rot, while Hemorrhage changes the entire infliction to bleeding, dealing 120 blood loss on each hit.

9/10 Rusty Anchor — 26 STR, 9 DEX

Despite its immense size, the rusty anchor requires less investment in strength than the big rotten ax with a C scale as well. If you’re a Pure Strength player, you’ll be happy to apply the Heavy effect as you upgrade, as it maxes out with the A scaling in Strength to give you a lot of bang for your skill point investment.

The Rusted Anchor also comes with a nice weapon ability, Barbaric Roar, which increases your physical damage by 7.5 percent and adds five to your Strength scale, increasing its effectiveness. Your strong attack will also be slightly different, so try it out before you charge headlong into combat, as the timing may take a moment to adjust mid-fight.

8/10 Great Winged Horn — 30 STR, 20 DEX

The great winged horn is a unique great axe, requires you to invest in Hat Smithing Stones instead of the normal variant. While you can’t add additional effects or infuse this weapon with Ashes of War, you won’t mind sticking to the excellent Soul Stifler ability, as it releases a cloud that produces an area of ​​effect (AoE) debuff for enemies caught in its radius. .

Greathorn’s lingering debuff is great against bosses and usually lasts long enough to catch your target as they approach. He will need to acquire the Memory of the Royal Ancestor and exchange it at the Bastion of the Round Table to acquire this weapon, which means that he can acquire it even before fighting Radahn. Light the braziers in the Siofra River and approach the nearby large deer carcass to fight the boss and claim the remembrance.

7/10 Gargoyle’s Black Ax — 24 STR, 8 DEX, 22 FAI

Gargoyle’s Black Ax is a great option if you’re focusing on a Faith and Melee build as the prerequisites are pretty low.. Unfortunately, you will need to defeat the Black Blade Kindred in the opening segment that leads to The Mountaintop of the Giants to acquire this wonderful weapon.

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Once the Black Ax is in your possession, try out its War Cry ability, which provides bonuses identical to the Barbarian Roar of the Rusty Anchor. In addition to some sizable physical damage, it also deals Holy damage, which is great in a New Game Plus build, but loses its shine late game as most enemies are resistant to Holy damage by then.

6/10 Ax of Rosus — 18 STR, 10 DEX, 18 INT

Rosus’ Ax comes equipped with an exceptionally powerful weapon ability that makes this weapon a must-have. Rosus’ Ax features Rosus’s Summons, which summons three skeletons to swing their axes at you each time you use it.. Upon activating the ability, three skeletons appear, swing in tandem, and then disappear after dealing massive damage in the direction of your blow.

Intelligence and Strength users will be pleased with this ax as both are given a C scale, allowing you to focus on the stat that best suits your build. Physical damage is increased by your skeletons’ bonus magic damage, making it a versatile option to use against a variety of enemies.

5/10 Duelist Greataxe — 30 STR, 10 DEX

The duelist’s greataxe is a solid and versatile option for a moderate investment in strength. It’s important to note that you should randomly acquire this weapon by defeating Duelists, but you must acquire it before defeating Maliketh, as this event causes all Duelists to disappear..

Both Strength and Dexterity can achieve a maximum B scale depending on the upgrades you choose. The duelist’s greataxe has excellent base damage, over 400 at full investment, or a little less if you split your damage between physical and your chosen effect.

4/10 Godfrey’s Ax — 42 STR, 14 DEX

The First Elden Lord is a mountain of a man, so it’s no surprise that Godfrey’s Ax requires immense strength to wield effectively, mirroring the power of its namesake. The Regal Roar weapon ability grants the same 7.5 percent attack boost and an additional five on the scale, while also sending a shockwave across the ground that you can’t guard against.

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The weapon’s scaling maxes out at a Strength grade of C, but luckily its raw damage is so high that it easily eclipses 400, making it one of the strongest available. Unfortunately, higher level characters won’t be able to get much out of investing in this weapon, so it works best for a mid-game build, which is awkward considering it’s acquired after defeating Godfrey towards the end of the game.

3/10 Executioner’s Greataxe — 34 STR, 8 DEX

Executioner’s Greataxe is another farmable option that provides high damage and decent scaling. With an investment in Spin heavy, you’ll achieve an A scale in Strength, making it a great choice for players of all levels, particularly those who rely on the Force..

The Executioner’s Greataxe also comes with the Warcry ability to upgrade, which can further increase its damage for those who venture deep into NG+ and beyond. The ability to change her Ash of War and augment it with magic makes her an extremely flexible option to suit your needs.

2/10 Ice Axe: 11 STR, 16 DEX

As the only top-tier ax that primarily requires Dexterity to wield, the Icerind Hatchet stands out among its peers. Icerind also touts the excellent Hoarfrost Stomp ability, which is similar to the Ax of Godfrey’s shockwave, but with a much greater effect.. The stomp sends out a wave of ice that damages enemies, staggering them and inflicting Freeze.

This multifaceted ax is rated B in Dexterity, so you can use it to great effect throughout your game. If you’re looking for some added utility, Hoarfrost Stomp is an excellent stun-blocking tool that can nullify tough bosses like Malenia if used in conjunction with a powerful Spirit Ash Summon.

1/10 Godrick’s Ax — 34 STR, 22 DEX

Although Godrick’s Ax requires perhaps the largest investment in attributes, its C scaling in both attributes and unique weapon skill put it slightly above the competition for everyday use. His Unique Weapon Skill: “I Command Thee, Kneel” is an exceptional AoE option to take out swarming enemies with an earth-shattering shockwave.

This weapon is very slow, so having a way to get out of tight corners is exactly what you would want from your weapon skill. Chaining your shockwaves makes the ability incredibly fun to use and mimics Godrick’s attacks in his fight. Although its damage caps out at around 350 before scaling, the multifunctional use of this ax should appeal to those who prefer a more traditional big ax experience over other options like the Icerind Hatchet.

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