Hostile Minecraft mobs that need a revamp


Hostile Minecraft mobs that need a revamp

Players familiar with Minecraft The survival game will also be more than familiar with the game’s abundance of hostile mobs, ready to hunt the player down when night falls. Over the years, Mojang has also steadily expanded this cast of hostile mobs, adding new enemies like Illagers, Piglin Brutes, and more to keep things fresh and interesting.

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With that said, some of the older mobsters in the game are long overdue for a little revamp. Some things could be changed to make them scarier, more powerful, or just more meaningful in Minecraft. Other mobs, which are newer, have the potential to be something more, but are still unattractive to deal with. Here are the hostile mobs that need an upgrade on Minecraft.


6/6 Ghost

One mob that seems very unpopular is the Ghost, a mantis-like creature that flies through the skies when the player hasn’t slept for three nights in a row. The biggest question seems to be why Mojang felt the need to add this mob in the first place, given that it’s more of an annoyance than something fun, scary, or exciting to interact with.

Now, of course, the ghosts drop an important resource: the ghost membrane. this is used to repair the Elytra, so maybe this is Mojang’s way of balancing things out in Minecraft. That said, given their lack of popularity with gamers, it’s clear that they are something that take players out of their immersion in the game rather than increase that immersion.

5/6 Silt

The slimes on this list can be controversial. Granted, this mob looks iconic and its appearance and animation don’t need to change at all. What needs to change is the “lore” that surrounds it, where to find it easily, as well as the swamp biome, which is considered its natural habitat.

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Most players will be familiar with bits of slime, which are an aspect of the game that is not integrated into the lore of the game. Wouldn’t it be great if the slimes had their own mini underground biome where the slime chunks are located? Granted, this could also backfire given the abundance of slime bits, but it’s something worth considering.

Another change to slime could be adding more variants in terms of biomes, such as blue and red slimes. Maybe even the ability to breed them, which would be a nice tip of the hat for slime rancher.

4/6 Devastating

The Ravager is a mob that players will likely only see if they enter a town while wearing the Bad Omen status debuff. This will immediately kick off a multi-wave raid, and one of the enemy types players will need to deal with is the mighty Ravager.

The good thing about the Ravager is that it drops 20 XP orbs and looks decent. The bad thing is that only one seat falls off. If there’s one mob out there that has the potential for some better loot, it would be the Ravager, which is hands down one of the tankiest mobs in a raid.

3/6 magma cube

Previously, this list mentioned slimes, and in that same vein, it’s correct to easily talk about the most boring hostile mob ever: the Magma Cube. Magma Cubes aren’t exactly a threat to players, and in addition to their unique appearance and ability to swim through lava, as well as the Magma Cream lootthey are not very interesting or threatening.

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And yet, there is an entire biome dedicated to magma cubes. Maybe a stronger variant of them could be made, or maybe the Magma Cube could get some kind of extra ability, like being able to spit out a globe of fire or lava, similar to the Blaze, but with a shorter range.

2/6 Zombie

The zombies that are on this list may also be a controversial take, given how iconic their appearance is, but zombies haven’t really changed much over the years and are easily the most overdue for something new.

The good thing is that they have two variants: Drowned and Husks. There are even Zombie Villagers in the game., and Baby Zombies that move at terrifying speed. That said, there’s something about them that still feels a bit bland and boring, making them the least desirable mob for loot collecting.

1/6 ender dragon

The Ender Dragon is understandably a mob that Mojang doesn’t want to touch, given that it represents a large part of Minecraft science. and that’s fine, the ender dragon it’s fine as-is, but players who have stuck with the game for years will agree that the Ender Dragon fight is something of a snoring party.

Maybe it’s time for Mojang to decide to do something drastic. Perhaps the mechanics of the fight need a change? Maybe the boss arena could be different? Perhaps the Ender Dragon just needs a new and better look with more detailed textures, new attacks and animations? Given the way block textures were changed not too long ago, even a simple visual change could make the good old Ender Dragon feel a bit more relevant again.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and many other devices.

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