Junkrat is the perfect introduction to Overwatch 2


Junkrat is the perfect introduction to Overwatch 2

I’ve never played Supervision. Gave paladins good shot and almost platinum it – kids still care about trophies, right? – but when Overwatch became popular and all my friends jumped ship to play it, I never followed it. What followed was six years of my best friends complaining about how shitty and toxic the game was that they spent thousands of hours on. Not the best ad. But everyone at TheGamer is having a great time. surveillance 2 And I’m sick of being left out, so I got the gang together and jumped in for the first time. All I have to say is: why didn’t anyone tell me how crazy and funny Junkrat is?

We’re a mix of PC and console gamers, so having to play in the PC group means half of us will be outmatched in a one-on-one fight. I tried the new hero Kiriko but couldn’t get the accuracy needed. I did decently with Soldier 76 but found it a bit bland. I was horrified just by seeing Zenyata and Sigma, so I stayed away from them. Seriously, I thought Overwatch was about quirky gay people fighting, not hamsters in robotic balls and guys who can hear the universe.


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I was ready to call it quits and decide he was right, Overwatch just wasn’t for me, when I misclicked while swapping heroes and ended up as Junkrat. His initial battle cry: “I’ll keep trying until I run out of limbs!” It tickled me immediately. “Lots of bombs for everyone!” it’s also great. I spent two hours playing as him and had a great time, with a pun.

I haven’t been stuck in a competitive FPS in years, so playing alongside PC players with the mouse advantage meant I was never going to cut the target. Fortunately, Junkrat’s bombastic bouncing balls don’t need precision. He just launches a flurry of them in the general direction of the enemy team and the damage is done. Skirmishes in Overwatch 2 are a lot more chaotic than I thought they would be, so playing a hero who can let explosions fly helped make sure I was fulfilling the role of a DPS, even if I didn’t know exactly who it was. hitting

The radius of his shots also means I don’t have to worry about not knowing who’s who. “Mercy go down, Mercy go down!” my companions yelled. Yeah dude, I threw some boom booms at that girl in the fur coat and glasses, was that her? Oh that woman with wings next to her also died, happy days.

Beyond just shooting, Junkrat’s abilities provide chaotic and practical utility. The concussion mines from him can be used to blow up opponents when they lose a 1v1, speed him towards the target quickly, or simply launch him onto high ground. They are surprisingly versatile and adapt to whatever style of play you prefer. I like to blow them up on bridges and chokepoints, knock enemy heroes off the map or send them back and give my teammates time to come help me, I’m scared.

His bear trap is also wonderful, though I haven’t figured out the best way to incorporate it yet. For now, I like to use it to cover my flank, as it alerts me when it gets destroyed or activated, letting me know if someone is trying to sneak up on me and my team. Both skills teach the importance of positioning with engaging mechanics. I’ve been learning where the key battlegrounds are because I’m experimenting and having fun, not just because people are yelling at me for being an idiot going the wrong way.

My favorite thing of all, though, is Junkrat’s ultimate: RIP-Tire. At first, I thought that this ability became to the on the explosive tire that makes the opposing team screech before blasting them into tiny pieces. A friend very kindly pointed out that Junkrat is still very much on the map, so it’s important that he make sure he’s safe before activating. He can’t just run outside and take it out: positioning is key. Driving it into a wall and sending it into unexpected enemies by pushing the target, wiping them all out was my biggest accomplishment on my first day of play, and hearing my teammates yell “that was huge!” it’s a memory of the game that will stay with me for a long time.

Junkrat’s personality and weaponry perfectly resemble the chaos of fighting in Overwatch, but his abilities subtly allow me to learn more about maps and how to manipulate my enemies’ positions. He combines quirky fun with abilities that are quirky enough to be appealing, but not so quirky as to confuse newcomers.

I also finally understand why people give a shit about these characters beyond their battle skills.. I feel an affinity with Junkrat. He is a wild card, like Charlie in Always Sunny. He’s just a little chump, and I love him for it. I’m going to read his story before I dive back in tonight; I never thought he would do that for any hero shooter. I couldn’t even count how many heroes there were, and Junkrat has made me hope to find more to love, but if I don’t, I’ll happily guide this crazy arsonist until he runs out of limbs.

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