Fortnite YouTuber FaZe Jarvis Permanently Banned After Using Aimbot


Fortnite YouTuber FaZe Jarvis Permanently Banned After Using Aimbot

FaZe Jarvis was just permanently banned from Fortnite and all competitive events for using an aimbot in a video.

Professional Fortnite YouTuber Jarvis “FaZe Jarvis” Kaye announced in an emotional video that, as of November 3, he has been permanently banned from Fortnite. This ban is due to Kaye posting a YouTube video in which he openly admits that he uses the aimbot software to dominate other players in Fortnite single player.

This ban will prevent Kaye from producing Fortnite content for her YouTube channel of over 2 million subscribers. To make matters worse, Kaye will no longer be able to compete professionally in any of the many Fortnite tournaments. This applies to both online and in-person events. Kaye has already earned over $9K USD in her esports career. Her most notable placement is her $5K first place finish at one of the weekly UMG Friday Fortnite events.

Community reaction to the ban

As with any news of this caliber involving a professional player, it was not without controversy. Fans, content creators, and other professionals had divided opinions on the seriousness of the ban.

During a live broadcast, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and Ben “DrLupo” Lupo had a back-and-forth discussion about how Epic Games should have handled the ban. Blevins suggested that Epic’s punishment was too harsh and that Kaye should only have received a six-month or one-year ban. Lupo argued that if he were an unknown player without Kaye’s follow-up, no one would have a problem with a lifetime ban. Lupo went on to say that Epic should not show favoritism and that lessening the ban would create a bad precedent. Blevins maintained that he agrees a ban was warranted. However, Kaye should be treated uniquely because Fortnite is his career and he brings a lot to the table as a content creator.

During the discussion, Blevins and Lupo mentioned that this was not the first time Epic Games had caught a professional Fortnite player cheating. After an investigation, Epic discovered that Damion “XXiF” Cook and Ronald “Ronaldo” Mach were cheating in the World Cup qualifiers. Cook and Mach colluded with other players to earn free kills and increase their point total. Despite being the qualifiers for a major competitive tournament, Cook and Mach received bans of only two weeks. This allowed them to compete in the World Cup again. Here, they qualified two weeks later and got $50K USD each. They also had the opportunity to compete for the $3 million dollar prize pool.

Different situations, different prohibitions

Why was the time difference in these two sets of bans so drastic when both involved cheating? professional fortnite, Jonathan “Yung Calculator” Weber explained on Twitter, “hacking breaks the EULA and TOS. Collusion (which is why Ronaldo and XXiF were banned) violates the tournament rules, not the EULA. Two completely different things.” Weber went on to write, “Jarvis not only used a real hacked client, but he also recorded and published it for young and impressionable fans of his.”

What does Kaye have to say about all this?

It’s hard to tell if Kaye truly regrets her actions. It’s still quite likely that she’s just sorry that she got caught. In her apology video, Kaye is visibly crying. He says: “It never even crossed my mind that he could get a lifetime ban from Fortnite for those videos.” This contradicts the statements he made in the original video while cheating. Kaye says “Never use aimbot… you will be banned, I will be 100% banned on this account”. It can be speculated that Kaye knew that what he was doing would get him banned, only she hoped it would only be on his alternate account, not a full hardware ban covering all current and future accounts of his.

Epic Games has not yet commented on the ban. This is both due to its seriousness and whether they will give Kaye a chance to appeal. With growing outcry from their fans and other members of the community, Epic may be forced to release a statement soon.