Fortnite Players Earned Thousands Of Almost Free V-Bucks: Exploring Their Method


Fortnite Players Earned Thousands Of Almost Free V-Bucks: Exploring Their Method

A while ago, Fortnite players took advantage of a huge V-Buck sale. An exploit was discovered that gave away a large amount of V-Bucks for a minimal price, and players acted quickly. It’s since been patched, but it’s one of the wildest V-Buck deals ever.

V-Bucks are an important commodity in Fortnite. They are also the main way that Epic Games makes money. The game is free to play, so players can only give money to the game by buying V-Bucks in the store.

These are then used to purchase exclusive cosmetics like Moon Knight, Kylo Ren, or Scarlet Witch Skins.

Whenever players get a good deal on those V-Bucks, they usually spring into action. The currency is not expensive, but as long as there is a dollar to save, people want to take advantage of it.

Fortnite players got thousands of V-Bucks for a small price

The feat began with another great business. Today, Fortnite and Among Us released their long-awaited official collaboration (since Imposters mode it wasn’t a real collaboration).

New glitter on the back The style of the crewmates in Among Us is customizable and reactive. It was released alongside a licensed emote, the “Distraction Dance”. The only way to get them was by purchasing them from the Epic Games Store, as InnerSloth said:

“It’s time to get ready to go…on the Battle Bus! As part of a new collaboration with Fortnite, starting now through June 9, 2023 at 11am ET, all players who purchase Among Us at Epic Games Store (or a Among Us Stars Pack from the Epic Games Store) will receive the Back Bling and Emote at no additional cost.”

Players quickly discovered that they could get two cool collaborative cosmetic items for one small price. $1 pricewhich was the cost of a star pack for Among Us.

That’s a big deal for two cosmetics. Also, Among Us is very popular, so everyone wins. Shortly after the deal went through, other players discovered something else that happened to their Among Us purchases.

If you purchased a Among Us Star Pack and already own the Among Us cosmetics, Epic gives you 600 vbucks for that purchase! I just got like 70k vbucks for $60 because in my region it’s $0.49 but now it’s patched you can only buy it once 😭

If the cosmetics were already redeemed, an Epic Games Store purchase that would have otherwise rewarded them would have netted players 600 V-Bucks. That’s probably the combined price of the two cosmetics.

There was also no limit to the number of purchases they could make. Some players purchased the Star Pack 60 times, resulting in thousands of V-Bucks.

The flagship package cost around $1 and was rewarded with 600 V-Bucks. That translates to around 17 cents per 100 V-Bucks. Typically, 1,000 Fortnite V-Bucks cost $8, roughly 80 cents for 100 V-Bucks.

V-Bucks scores (Image via Epic Games)
V-Bucks scores (Image via Epic Games)

That’s a much better deal, so many jumped at the chance to buy. Ultimately, it only lasted a couple of hours before Epic Games found out and put a stop to it.

However, since it is not a hack or anything, Fortnite players who took advantage of it will not receive any punishment.

No, this can’t be banned, it’s not my fault and it’s not an exploit. It was literally available on its own epic game store.

Those lucky enough to keep their heavily discounted V-Bucks too.