Dream, creator of Minecraft, accused of misleading former fans


Dream, creator of Minecraft, accused of misleading former fans

The dream is possibly the greatest Minecraft creator on YouTube. With over 31 million subscribers on the platform, the player, who was recently revealed to be a man named Clay, has built a die-hard fan base since he started posting content consistently in 2019. He runs his own private server with other top-tier content creators, attracting millions of views with his Manhunt videosand recently showing her face for the first timeThe 23-year-old has been rapidly climbing the ranks of creators.

Over the past week, two different women have accused Clay of sending them inappropriate images and messages when they were minors. Although not all of these messages have been confirmed to be legitimate, Clay released a statement claiming that some were real but did not contain anything “inappropriate.”

The Accusations

On October 13, Twitter user Anastasia posted a thread claiming that Clay flirted with her when she was underage through his personal contacts. Snapchat and text messages. According to screenshots of the messages she posted, Clay invited her over to her house during quarantine and the pair flirted. A message from 2020 shows that she told Clay that she would be “18 soon”. Since posting her, Anastasia has made her Twitter account private, but other accounts have re-posted her tweets.

“None of that is appropriate for a ‘fan’ and influencer to be so close, especially since I was still 17 and in school and he knew about it,” Anastasia wrote in a tweet. Passionfruit was unable to reach Anastasia for comment.

The next day, October 14, another woman submitted her own story and screenshots of her and Clay’s interactions. Amanda, a self-described “Dream stan,” posted a series of now-deleted videos on TikTok in which she claimed that Clay “groomed” her and took advantage of her parasocial relationship when she was 17.

She claims the pair began speaking in September 2020 on Instagram and then Snapchat, where the messages became more personal, alleging that Clay sent her sexually inappropriate images of his penis and him “freaking out.”

“I thought I was really building a bond with my favorite YouTuber and boy was I wrong,” Amanda said on TikTok video now removed. “The only reason I’m talking about this is because someone else did it.”

On Twitter, Amanda claimed she was “getting the law involved” and planning to contact the police, although it is not clear if he did. Amanda did not respond to Passionfruit’s request for comment.

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Once these stories surfaced, they immediately began to gain traction on social media. Soon, #dreamisafreak started trending on Twitter, and videos discussing these accusations have surfaced. 875 million views on Tik Tok.

On October 13, Clay posted a now-deleted tweet on the private Twitter account, @dreamsecretclub, saying “people (are) making up false accusations for the millionth time” and that these claims were “spreading negativity and lies.”

But the next day, following up on Amanda’s story, Clay posted a more detailed TwitLonger. response to complaints. He claimed that the direct messages in the thread were “real” but that there were “no inappropriate comments at all, it was just a friendly conversation.” Clay claimed that “in his biography it was mentioned that they were 18 years old” and denied any accusation of grooming. Anastasia previously rebuked these claims in her own posts, writing on Twitter: “I also think I clearly had ’17’ on my bio at the same time I’m 20 now.”

Referring to the “second” thread (probably from Amanda but unconfirmed), he claims the messages are real but “didn’t have anything inappropriate” in them. She did not address any of the allegations that she sent sexual images.

Clay ended her statement by saying that she would “take legal action against people who use my name to spread disinformation or those who misrepresent the facts, lie, fake things or falsely abuse my name and image.”

Clay did not respond to Passionfruit’s request for comment.

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*First published: October 20, 2022 at 3:59 pm CDT

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