CSGO Cheats You Should Be Aware Of


CSGO Cheats You Should Be Aware Of

We go over some of the most common CSGO cheats and how to spot them!

As one of the most popular shooting games in the world, it should come as no surprise that CSGO has a lot of cheats. Although people thought it would be impossible for hackers to bypass security systems, it was not.

CS 1.6 players probably won’t be disappointed because they remember there were plenty of cheaters in the past. Although CSGO is not that “stacked” with them yet, this could change in the future as more and more players use such things.

Unsurprisingly, we don’t recommend or admire cheaters because they ruin the fun for everyone. There are all kinds of CSGO cheats, but some are more common than others because they are free. That’s why we’ve decided to point out some of the standout options and show you what you’ll get.

Unfortunately, spotting a cheater is easier said than done, especially if the player knows how to hide it. In other words, you could be playing against a cheater without even realizing it.


The first cheat you’ve probably come across at least a couple of times by now is called Aimbot. Although it can have several versions, the “regular” allows players to perform headshots when they start shooting automatically. In other words, it’s really hard to play against someone who uses Aimbot because he’ll be able to kill you much faster.

Apart from the one that focuses only on headshots, there are versions of this cheat that will allow you to hit all your bullets. This is often the preferred option because opponents won’t immediately realize that a given player is cheating.

Aimbot is a very popular trick that is available all over the world. Some versions are free, but the ones that are hard to catch and offer more options are paid. We have no idea why anyone would want to spend money on a CSGO hack, but there are people who do just that.

select fire

The second trick you’ve probably come across so far is called SelectFire. The latter is a popular group of gamers who are known for creating different CSGO cheats, and this is one of them. It’s free, which makes it even more popular among those who want to ride in the fun of others.

Similar to the Aimbot option, this one allows players to hit their shots much more easily, making them more successful. However, unlike many other cheats, this one actually offers tons of customization. You can do all sorts of things, like remove certain things from the game or add new things. The idea is to customize it in a way that allows you to achieve the best possible results.

speed tricks

We already mentioned that some of the hacks in this article have been a big problem for CS 1.6 players. well the speed trick it’s definitely one of them because it was a nightmare to play against someone who used it.

As the name suggests, the speedhack allows you to move much faster than other players. There are several options to choose from, but most of them give you the opportunity to teleport and even move through objects, such as boxes, walls, etc. Since this version of the cheat is pretty obvious, most people prefer to use the one that simply gives you extra movement speed.

This may not seem like a huge advantage, but it gives you a lot of advantages because you can position yourself better or surprise your opponents.

wall tricks

Some people might think that AImbot is the most popular and sought after cheat in CSGO, and this might be true. However, we believe that this “honor” should go to the wallhack for one simple reason: it is much harder to detect.

A good CSGO player with a wallhack will make it look like they aren’t actually using it. We’re sure a lot of people use this all the time, but they’ve learned how to make sure the rest don’t find out.

Although there may be different types of wall tricks to choose from, the classic options allow people to see enemy players through walls and other types of things. Since they always know where their enemies are, they can easily position themselves in a way that allows for easy kills.

Unsurprisingly, no one likes to play against wall hackers, but this is something CS players have to do all the time. This type of trap became popular in CS 1.6 and has been a part of the game ever since.

Other types of traps

There are many other types of CSGO cheats that you can find online. For example, there was one that allowed you to teleport to the enemy spawn point and kill all the players as soon as the freeze time was over. In fact, one of the most popular CSGO streamers named shroud experienced this while streaming.

Another interesting trick you may come across is related to bomb placement. If you don’t feel like waiting a couple of seconds after planting it, you can use this option and the bomb will explode as soon as you plant it. Although this will kill you every time, it will automatically allow you to win the round.

Although some people may think that you shouldn’t be in this category, we also have to mention the annoying bunny hopping script. The latter is very popular and hard to spot, making it a great option for players who are having trouble with their movement in CSGO.

Some bunny jump scripts allow you to jump automatically, while others just help you do it yourself allowing you to be faster. It goes without saying that those things are not allowed, so it will be banned as soon as someone notices them.

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