All skins that have been banned from competitive play, plus


All skins that have been banned from competitive play, plus

As FortniteLaunching in 2017, its rise to free-to-play prominence has made waves among the gaming community. Giving the game away made it one of the most popular games on all platforms and spawned a new market in the Fortnite Item shop. While vehicle paint jobs, pickaxe styles, and gliders are always fan favorites, no item is as sought after as character skins.

Epic Games has occasionally had to remove a few different skins from Fortnite for a few different reasons, including competitive advantage, international law, and even real-life controversies. Whatever the motivation, players always notice when the skins are not on the Fortnite item shop for longer, making them even more valuable.


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Unlimited Superhero Skin

Introduced in 2020, the Boundless Super Hero skins allowed Fortnite players to have the complete customization of the appearance of the character. With total control from head to toe, the Boundless skins allowed players to put their own personal touch on the game. Fortnite experience. Unfortunately, players quickly took advantage of the unique skin.

To gain a competitive advantage, some players would edit the skin to be completely one color, usually black or green. Doing so allowed them to blend into the background and made the characters nearly impossible to see. It became such a distinct advantage that Epic Games banned the competitive play aspect altogether, though it was still allowed in casual matches. If players tried to wear the skin in competition, it would drop them in the match with the default red and white color scheme. Epic eventually removed the skin from competitive games, but the all-black variation was never restored.

Travis Scott Skin

While this skin has not been officially banned, the Travis Scott skin has been phased out of the item shop. Players who already own the skin can still equip it, but it may not be available for purchase again. The skin was initially added as part of Fortnite‘s Icon Seriesa collection that makes top celebrities and content creators available as in-game characters, including Ninja, LoserFruit, Neymar, Ariana Grande and LeBron James.

Travis Scott has been the subject of a lot of controversy in real life recently. At the end of 2021, eight people died during his Astroworld tour in Texas. Scott received his fair share of criticism for not stopping the concert during the incident and putting fans in an unsafe situation. Immediately after the tragedy, Fortnite removed a custom Travis Scott emote. This appears to be the next step for Epic Games as it further distances itself from the rapper.

Masks banned in China

Due to strict laws banning skulls in schools and school children, various furs have also been banned in China. Some skins are completely unavailable, while the appearance of others has changed slightly from their international counterparts. Either way, gamers in China will notice that your Fortnite the experience may be a little different from that of your peers.

The most missing skin is FortniteSkull Trooper and Skull Ranger. Introduced in Season 1 as one of the first custom skins, Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger have various styles as part of the Skull Squad set. The masks are usually available in the Item Shop around Halloween each year, but with a skeleton design, they are completely banned in China.

Oro and Orelia, the masculine and feminine version of the other, are two more of the best skins in Fortnite. These two legendary skins that were released in early 2020 as part of the Midas story. The unique look of the flashy gold and creepy undead masks has made them popular with players, but China once again defeated them with their golden skulls.

The Eternal Voyager skin, on the other hand, changed its appearance to allow players in China to get their hands on it. Released in August 2019 as a variation of the Space Explorer set, Epic Games found it easier to slightly change the face of the skin. In the rest of the world, Eternal Voyager features a person in a leather jacket with a flaming skull for a head, reminiscent of the ghost rider in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The Chinese version replaced the skull with a flaming mask and got the seal of approval.

Fortnite is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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