Top 5 Minecraft Seeds To Try Before Update 1.20


Top 5 Minecraft Seeds To Try Before Update 1.20

The Minecraft 1.19 update was released in November of last year, so it’s been out for almost a year. Update 1.20 is the next logical step in the evolution of the game, and players are looking forward to what might be included in the future.

Mojang officially confirmed the update in the latest version of Minecraft Live 2022 and it will have a loose release date of 2023. So players don’t know exactly when the update will arrive, but they do know that it is on the way.

As a result, the game is going to change permanently. Before that happens, here are some great 1.19 seeds to try.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Minecraft v1.19 seeds to try before the next update arrives

5) 637184628307790

The cozy spawn village of the seed in a pleasant valley (Image via Mojang)
The cozy spawn village of the seed in a pleasant valley (Image via Mojang)

This seed is one of the coolest solely because of its spawn location. Players land near a small town with a blacksmith, so the loot will be strong to start the game. Behind the town is a huge mountain range. This generation is only possible thanks to the 1.18 update, but it creates an impressive landscape.

Even if the town wasn’t there, it would be worth testing the seed solely because of the building possibilities. The valley with a mountain behind it is an excellent backdrop for a base.

4) Seed: 2837031034737048010

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Stalactite caves are one of the rarest cave types in the entire game. They are difficult to find as they cannot be located with a command and do not have any above-ground indicators of their presence.

This seed has one at coordinates -999, -39, 28. There is also an Ancient City (a 1.19 addition) and a mineshaft to top it off and make this seed one of the best.

The combination of these biomes and structures is quite rare. Each one is rare on its own, but seeing them so close together is something most crafters will never experience.

3) Seed: -1058557249

This seed has a lush cave exposed (Image via Mojang)
This seed has a lush cave exposed (Image via Mojang)

The lush caves are perhaps the most beautiful biome in the entire game. It’s a shame they’re so hard to find and you can’t usually see them on the surface. This seed, however, has one that is exposed on the side of a mountain.

That’s just one quirky biome generation, and it comes alongside an ocean to make it even more unique. It won’t be the easiest place to build or live, but it’s stunningly beautiful nonetheless.

2) Seed: 1450778142214593647

Mangrove swamps are the latest new Minecraft biome to be added to the game. They arrived in 1.19, but they are still not that common. When update 1.20 arrives, Minecraft will probably get a couple of new biomes. As a result, the game rare biomes will be even less common.

Mangrove swamps will fall victim to that, so try this seed before it happens. This is one of the most unique mangrove swamp biomes because it spawns right in a desert that has a town.

No villages are currently found in mangrove swamps, so this type of biome and structure generation is an anomaly. For this reason, this biome should be explored before the seed potentially stops working in 1.20.

1) Seed: -2110863992403414331

Some loot in Minecraft is incredibly rare. These items are usually extremely useful, but are almost impossible to find. enchanted golden apples are an example of that. They cannot be crafted and are one of the rarest finds in the entire game.

Whenever there is something available, it is automatically a good seed. However, this seed has three available in a Deep Dark biome, another draw for the seed.

Ancient Cities are in the Deep Dark and can have amazing Minecraft loot. Take advantage of the seeds that have them and the seeds that have amazing loot right now before they change in the next update.

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