How to complete the Fortnitemares 2022 missions in Fortnite


How to complete the Fortnitemares 2022 missions in Fortnite

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Every year that passes, Fortnitemares is one of the most anticipated Fortnite events. Epic Games always seems to know exactly how to deliver what fans want to see. It’s not often that players receive updates on Tuesdays, but this time it’s different. Update V22.20 really added a lot of fun features to the event.

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So you might be wondering what they have planned for the 2022 Fortnitemares event, is the update worth installing? It certainly is, there will be lots and lots of challenges associated with this time of year. We will go over them all in this guide.

Fortnitemares Event Overview

The Fortnitemares event has officially started. The event started on October 18 and will last until November 1, 2022 at 1:59 am ET.. It’s a long-awaited event that fans look forward to all year long. Not only exclusive limited time skins in the Item Shop, but also has a lot of fun theme-missions for players to complete, special spooky items, NPCs, and much, much more.


Horde Rush Special Mode

Horde Onslaught is an event-exclusive game mode that returns every Halloween. You have to eliminate as many zombies (Cube Monsters) as you can while making sure they don’t knock you down when they get close. In 2022, you can challenge yourself against these demons once again. However, this time you won’t be able to defend yourself with the build ability.

To access Horde Rush, go to the Discover screen and you will see the Zero Build Horde Rush game mode. Although it is part of the Fortnitemares event, it will be available for two more weeks, so you can play Horde Rush until November 15.

event quests

As usual, there will be a few different types of Fortnitemare themed quests, and all of them will be available for players to complete until the end of the event. There are rumors that the Graveyard Drift quest pack will be leaving halfway through Fortnitemares and will be replaced by a spooky new quest pack with new tasks. Either way, while more event quests will most likely be added before November 1st, here are the ones you can start working on now:

  • Fortnitemares Missions: To receive the Fortnitemares missions, all you have to do is update the game and log in. They will be available in the missions section of the map menu right away. Every day that passes two more missions will be added. The more you complete, the more rewards you will receive.
  • Fortnitemares Escape Room TasksEscape Room Fans will be happy to know that Fortnite has created its own Halloween-themed rooms and you can even get rewards for completing them. Visit the official websiteregister and complete tasks to participate in this new type of event.

Fortnitemares items and weapons

the notorious pumpkin launcher It’s Coming Back: This is the rocket launcher-like weapon that laughs eerily when the person wielding it fires it. It’s an unforgettable item for anyone who has played Fortnitemares before.

Sweet is also temporarily returning to the game. There are various types of candy that you can collect and consume; each type will grant a special effect to the player.

Finally, there is a new item in the game: the howling claws. Once you have them, you practically turn into a menacing wolf. You will be able to detect the scent of nearby enemies and pierce your opponents with your terrifying claws.

New boss and animals

The animals on the Battle Royal Island have disappeared and have been replaced by zombified counterparts. So you won’t see normal frogs, chickens, boars, wolves, sharks and crows. If you manage to see any of these animals, it will be a zombie version.

The ships have been deactivated. for this update, so be careful when swimming in these dangerous waters.

There is a new boss in the location named Grim Gables. Follow the rails that lead under the house and you will come across a strange seance. If you enter the circle, you will summon the ink seeker. He is a hostile character so they will immediately start attacking as soon as they see you. It’s important to protect yourself and find some decent loot in order to put up a good fight. The Inkquisitor has a powerful Pumpkin Launcher that they will use against you, so be careful and try to dodge as many pumpkins as you can.

Those who manage to defeat this character will receive the Inkquisitor’s suppressed mythical SMG.

Visit the creepiest creative islands

This August, Epic Games is challenging all Fortnite players to jump into Creative play mode and design the creepiest and most haunted islands they can think of. Islands that would perfectly portray the spirit of Fortnitemares: spooky but a lot of fun.

Now is the time to visit the best islands and there are a wide variety of fun activities to do. You can try to find your way through a puzzling corn maze, dance with zombies, play a haunted prop hunt, and much more..

To visit these islands, go to the Discover screen and scroll down until you reach the Fright and Delight row.. This can be a great way to take a break from the hectic energy of Battle Royale mode and Horde Rush.

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