Camels are a solid twist on the game’s mount mechanic


Camels are a solid twist on the game’s mount mechanic

Minecraft Live 2022 revealed a lot to Minecraft fans around the world, from the new gameplay of minecraft legends to some new features that come with the 1.20 update. All these revelations, however, were overcome by the new mafia that came to Minecraft desert, the drivable camel, which will give players a unique experience. Camels have the potential to be the best mount in the game with all the unique features associated with it and bring the otherwise boring desert biome to life. Minecraft.


There are already some montages in Minecraft, with horses being the most popular due to the speed at which they can move around the world. However, each of these mobs seem to have similar mount mechanics and don’t offer much other than a speed boost or the ability to travel through areas the player simply can’t. So by introducing the camel which has slightly different mechanics, Minecraft is giving its players a new mount experience and allowing them to explore the world differently.

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minecraft mounts

Minecraft He currently has five mounts, three of which can be found in the Overworld and one in the Nether. Horses are the most common type of mount in Minecraft, giving players access to a mob that is much faster than just walking along with a higher jump to get over certain obstacles. Llamas and donkeys are much slower than horses and do not possess the same jumping ability, and while they are mounts on Minecraftmost players use them for mobile storage by adding a chest instead of a saddle.

The other two montages in Minecraft they are slightly different from the horse, the llama, the donkey and even the next camel. Both the pig and the strider are mounts, however they cannot be simply tamed and controlled, instead players must use a fishing rod with an item on the end to lure the mob to move in a particular direction. Of these last two, the strider is by far the most useful, as it can help players cross lava lakes in the Nether, making getting around much easier and safer.

Minecraft Camels

One of the best features of camels is that they are too tall for most hostile mobs to reach the player riding them. This is especially useful in the desert biome, where mobs can easily spot the player and quickly overwhelm them, but thanks to the camels’ height advantage, players can stay safe and take out mobs without worrying about damage. . While mobs like skeletons and vines will still pose a threat, players should be able to easily get past these mobs, especially with the new dash feature.

Another great addition to the camel is its ability to carry two players simultaneously, making it the perfect mount for multiplayer servers on Minecraft. This feature completely sets it apart from the other mounts in the game, as it allows players to easily travel the world together without having to worry about getting lost or having a horse that is slower than their friends’ mount. On top of this, it makes mob hunting much easier as one player can control the camel while the other can target and take out enemies, ensuring both the riders and the camel stay safe.

Minecraft update 1.20 will shake up the mount hierarchy in the overworld that has been ruled by horses. While there is no concrete release date for update 1.20, Mojang has promised that players will be able to experience all of the camel’s mechanics just a few days after Minecraft Live 2022, when the first snapshots of 1.20 are released.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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