Fortnitemares Patch 22.20 Notes – Fortnite Update for Today, October 18


Fortnitemares Patch 22.20 Notes – Fortnite Update for Today, October 18

the long awaited Fortnite The Halloween 2022 event kicked off on October 18 and with it comes a long list of Fortnitemares patch notes to accompany the v22.20 update. Here are all the major changes and additions made to Battle Royale, Save The World, and Creative with the new update.

Fortnitemares 2022 Patch Notes List

real battle

DJ Lyka is going around the skill tree to help players transform using one of the reality tree altering altars. Once the ritual is complete, players will earn Howling Claws that provide a trio of canine abilities: the Wolfscent ability with tracking vision, the four-combo melee Slash ability, and the double-jump Air Slash ability.

Away from the Reality Tree, there’s Zero Build Horde Rush as the latest Limited Time Mode, and Fortnitemares missions that will reward players with Everything’s End Glider, Chrome Cage Back Bling, and Unmaker Pickaxe for completion. The Item Shop contains the new Sinister Glare and Undying Sorrow outfits. PC gamers now also get a “Custom Diagonal Keyboard Movement” setting. The other major bug fixes include:

  • Reset cards no longer sink if the player was eliminated in the water.
  • Players can replay the progress of their EvoChrome weapon evolutions in competitive playlists.
  • Moving the right stick on the controller no longer allows you to unintentionally navigate through menus.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile that caused water to appear to float above the ground.

Save the world

Dusk returns to Save The World and can bite his enemies to siphon their health. The Ghost Gun also returns, while there’s a new quest series for Hexslyania called Bladey Acres. Completing the questline grants Raven, a Bloodhaven Pyrotechnic alumnus, as a reward. Some of the major bug fixes and improvements to the game include:

  • Players will again earn credit by saving survivors in the Party of 25 daily quest.
  • Fixed an issue with the secret door in the crypts.
  • Fixed an issue with the Deliver the Bomb mission causing tracks to not fully connect.
  • Players can re-navigate the menu when selecting a survivor in Survivor Squads after selecting a hex.


Creative gets a new Direct event linking system which allows devices to communicate directly with other devices without worrying about channel limits. There’s also the new AI Patrol Path Node that players can use to set paths for guards to patrol when not in combat. The other patch notes include more updates and bug fixes:

Prefab and Gallery Updates

  • Added Paradise Prefabs and Galleries:
    • Cloudy Condos Classy Condos
    • Cloudy Condos Knepley’s Pawn Shop
    • Cloudy Condos Stores A
    • Cloudy Condos Stores B
    • Cloudy Condos Stairs and Floors Gallery
    • Cloudy Condos Walls and Ceilings Gallery
    • Cloudy Condos B Walls and Ceilings Gallery
    • Cloudy Condos Accessory Gallery
    • Balloon Accessories Gallery
  • Added Hill Terrain Prop Gallery.

device updates

  • Melee Designer has left open beta! New device options have been added in this release, along with some bug fixes mentioned in the Bug Fixes section below. New options:
    • Enable/Disable Jump Attack: If disabled, other Jump Attack options are hidden.
    • Enable/Disable Sprint Attack – If disabled, other Sprint Attack options are hidden.
  • The Guard Spawner device has added the following options that work with the new AI Patrol Path Node device:
    • Spawn on patrol path
    • Change patrol route target

consumable upgrades

  • Launchpad is now available in Consumables. It can be added to a player’s inventory and thrown to place one in the middle of the match. This item is the same as the Launch Pad device, but this is an item version that can be given to players like any other consumable item.

Prefab and Gallery Arrangements

  • Fixed incorrect texture being displayed on trees.
  • Fixed a terrain accessory in the Brown Cliff Cave Gallery not being able to be placed on islands.
  • Fixed a bush in the Invasion Nature Gallery displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with grass clipping through some floors in Impostors Corridors Prefab.
  • Replaced missing icons for multiple Prefabs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Crystal Galleries to no longer display location previews when a player copied one of the Galleries onto an Island.
  • Fixed an issue with missing textures on an item in the Art Deco Building Props Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where some Prefab component thumbnails would appear blank when a player opened the Prefab to select an individual component.
  • Fixed an issue where grass would clip through all Racetrack gallery assets.

island arrangements

  • Removed Creative Hub portal from some additional islands.

device fixes

  • Item Placer devices now remember customization information for a weapon made in Melee Designer. The name does not reflect the custom name, but all information will match when picking up the weapon. The name can be adjusted by changing the Interact Text option on the Placer Item.
  • Melee Designer fixes:
    • Visual effects will now appear correctly when a player hits a target with a dash attack or the Whirlwind charge attack.
    • Charge attacks now damage teammates when Friendly Fire is enabled in My Island settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the Item Granter device would grant multiple copies of the first item in the list when the Grant While Offline option was set to Yes and the device was replenished.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to place vehicles within the volume of the Skydome device.
  • Fixed an issue that caused vehicles to be destroyed in water even when the Water Destroy Delay option on the vehicle spawner device was set to Never.
  • Fixed an issue where confetti would not display to the lead player when scoring using a catch area device.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to place vehicle spawn devices in Mutation Zones.
  • Fixed an issue where the outline of a Billboard device would only appear the first time a billboard was placed.

game fixes

  • Fixed an issue where end-game callouts would not display a player’s location (1st, 2nd, 3rd), but only display victory or loss.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be killed on their final life instead of entering the DBNO state.
  • Fixed an issue where snowballs from snowmen were not saving to islands.
  • Fixed an issue where trees on islands would glow the wrong color.